The 1st Annual: RuPaul's Drag Convention, A Queen's Event 2015
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The 1st Annual: RuPaul’s Drag Convention, A Queen’s Event 2015

RuPaul’s first annual drag convention Rupaul’s DragCon was a feast for the eyes and imagination.

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Walking into the the event, I couldnt help but giggle as I saw an array of bright pink signs pointing out where to check in and where to go after, the signs read ‘Shantay this Way!‘ and it was like following hot pink bread crumbs to the queens ball.

Then I entered the convention doors to a stream of glitter and glam ensembles, stiletto heels, big lashes, and even bigger personalities.

20150516 175623

20150516 175103

For the first thirty minutes walking around I had already spotted my favorite costumes and fashions, autograph signing booths for fans of the most favored and idolized queens, and funny booths filled with fashions, feather boas, beauty products, make-up booths and lessons, a beautiful display of vibrant wigs in every color, vintage pattern duds, book signings, and over-all fun and engaging convention goers!

20150516 175118

As I continued I ran into the ‘Best Booth Design Contest’ winners who were judged upon their product design, aesthetic design of booth, and how much interest and attraction they had. #WackyWacko won the #1 Booth of the 2015 RuPaul Drag Con and was awarded the coveted blue ribbon.

Next I went to the information booth to get a rundown of what performances and shows were being preformed at each hour.

Excited by all the fun and spirit of the room, I was suddenly provoked to walk over to the sexy lifeguard in a red Speedo for a quick picture on the photo-shoot backdrop behind the #WallaceGodfrey book signing. The lifeguard was posing with fans of the detective series for the authors newest book release. I met Wallace right on the spot and he was happy to give me a signed copy of his latest work Sunfish & Starfish : Tropical Drag Queen Detectives.

Host Erica Moore and Sunfish and Starfish book lifeguard
Host Erica Moore and Sunfish and Starfish book lifeguard

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Just a glimpse of the first ever RuPaul’s Dragcon!

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