Larray and Issa hosting the 2021 Streamy Awards



Addison Rae, Bella Poarch, Nick DiGiovanni, Jeff Wittek, Will Smith 
Among Winners
Electrifying Performances from Ari Lennox and Måneskin

LOS ANGELES, CA (December 11, 2021) – MRC Live & Alternative and Tubefilter tonight announced the winners of the “2021 YouTube Streamy Awards,” which celebrated the year’s best online content and creators. With Larray as master of ceremonies, joined by his best friend Issa, the show premiered and is now available for on demand streaming exclusively on YouTube.

The show featured creators Addison RaeAnthony PadillaBella PoarchBrent RiveraBretman RockJarvis Johnson, Jeff Wittek, Lexi Rivera, and Tinx, who made special appearances on the Streamys bus with Larray and Issa. Presenters throughout the show include: Brittany BroskiCaptain DisillusionCharli D’AmelioCydnee BlackDankScolePhilip DeFrancoQuenlin BlackwellRhett & LinkRomina Gafur, Tai VerdesXavier Woods, and ZHC. The night also included electrifying performances by R&B singer/songwriter Ari Lennox(“Pressure”) and Italian rock band Måneskin (“Beggin’”).
This year’s Streamy Awards had an abundance of special moments, including the return of Streamys Creator Honors, in which past Streamys winners honor creators whose work personally resonated with them. Additionally, the show featured Streamys Premieres, where creators debuted special sneak peeks of never-before-seen videos ahead of posting them to their YouTube channels.

The full show and additional exclusive content are now available on the Streamys Awards YouTube channel.

2021 Youtube Streamy Awards Highlights:

  • The show kicked off with 2021 Master of Ceremonies Larray FaceTiming some of his best friends including Bretman Rock, Charli D’Amelio and Bella Poarch for advice on hosting.
  • As part of the inaugural Streamy Premieres, creators including Dixie D’AmelioLexi RiveraRDCWorldSafiya Nygaard, and ZHC utilized the Streamys as a springboard to debut sneak peeks of all-new videos which were posted to their YouTube channels following the Streamy Awards premiere.
  • This year marked the return of Creator Honors, in which past Streamys winners present unique tributes to creators whose work resonated with them. LaurDIY honored her friend Remi Cruz for the work ethic and TLC she puts into her content production, Mark Roberhonored the “Mister Rogers of Engineering YouTube” Jeremy Fielding, Streamy Winner Bailey Sarian honored Vlogger-Commentator Swoop through a Scavenger Hunt and Author-Podcaster Jay Shetty honored Amelie Zilber for using her platform to have impactful conversations about bullying, universal healthcare, gun violence, and body image.
  • Addison Rae visited the Streamys bus to catch up with Larray and Issa, where she was surprised with her first-ever award, winning in the Lifestyle category. 
  • Markiplier teased his upcoming YouTube Originals interactive special “In Space with Markiplier.”
  • TikTok’s big sister Tinx doled out dating advice to Master of Ceremonies Larray and his best friend Issa, reminding them that “you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince.”
  • Indie Series nominee Anthony Padilla brought his nominated series “I spent a day with” to the Streamys and got all the juicy dirt from Larray’s grandmother.
  • Bretman Rock made a stunning appearance on the Streamys bus dressed to impress and received the Streamy Award for Show of the Year. 
  • The top award of the night – Creator of the Year – went to MrBeast, who won for the second year in a row. MrBeast and #TeamSeas were also highlighted in a special moment during the ceremony to showcase the incredible work the YouTube community has been doing to remove trash from bodies of water around the world.
  • 2020’s Breakout Creator Charli D’Amelio presented the award in this category to 2021 winner and internet sensation Bella Poarch.
  • Captain Disillusion presented the nominees in the Comedy category, with Streamys founder Drew Baldwin surprising winner Leenda Dong on a video call.
  • Jeff Wittek jumped on the Streamys bus for a special haircut appointment with Master of Ceremonies  Larray, only to find out he won a Streamy Award in the Documentary category.
  • In a sentimental moment, Bailey Sarian was surprised by her fiance Fernando with her Streamy Award for Beauty, and a special winner mural designed by him, at the very spot where they went on their first date!


Swoop from Bailey Sarian
Amelie Zilber from Jay Shetty
Remi Cruz from LaurDIY
Jeremy Fielding from Mark Rober

Creator of the Year: MrBeast
Show of the Year: 30 Days With: Bretman Rock • Bretman Rock
International: Mythpat (India)
Short Form: the cheeky boyos

Breakout Creator: Bella Poarch
Collaboration: Markiplier and CrankGameplays – Unus Annus
Crossover: Will Smith
FirstPerson: Yes Theory
Livestreamer: Valkyrae

Indie Series: Chicken Shop Date • Amelia Dimoldenberg              
Live Show: Verzuz        
Podcast: Dark History                                
Scripted Series: Could You Survive The Movies? • Vsauce3            
Unscripted Series: 30 Days with Bretman Rock • Bretman Rock

Animated: Ketnipz
Beauty: Bailey Sarian
Comedy: LeendaDong
Commentary: Drew Gooden
Documentary: DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME • Jeff Wittek
Fashionand Style: Wisdom Kaye
Food: Nick DiGiovanni
Gaming: Dream
Health and Wellness: Doctor Mike
Kids and Family: The LaBrant Fam
Learning and Education: Veritasium
Lifestyle: Addison Rae
News: Channel 5 with Andrew Callaghan
Science and Engineering: Mark Rober
Sports: Deestroying
Technology: Mrwhosetheboss

Cinematography: Jonna Jinton – Jonna Jinton
Editing: Cooking with Lynja – Lynn Davis
Visual and Special Effects: Zach King – Zach King
Writing: The Game Theorists – Matthew Patrick, Justin Kuiper

Company or Brand
Activision – Call of Duty Endowment
P&G – Vital Voices • NowThis NEXT
State Farm – St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital • The Game Theorists

Emmanuel Acho – Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man
Jay Shetty and Radhi Devlukia-Shetty – Help India Breathe
Shirley Raines – Beauty2TheStreetz

Nonprofit or NGO
Food Pantry – Beast Philanthropy
Invisible People – Invisible Stories
NEXT for AUTISM – Color the Spectrum LIVE • Mark Rober and Jimmy Kimmel

Brand of the Year: Target
Agency of the Year: Portal A
Brand as Creator: SpongeBob SquarePants
Brand Engagement: Fortnite – 100 Thieves Cash App Compound Fortnite Activation
Branded Series: Let’s Target Season 3 – Target
Branded Video: Building a Laser Baby – Amazon Prime Video • Michael Reeves
Creator Product: Happy Dad Hard Seltzer – NELK
Influencer Campaign: Tide Super Bowl 2021: It’s Dirtier Than It Looks – Tide
Social Impact Campaign: Leftovers Roulette – Kroger Zero Hunger | Zero Waste Foundation • The Try Guys

30 Days With: Bretman Rock (2) Streamy Awards: Show of the Year, Unscripted Series
Bailey Sarian (2) – Streamy Awards: Beauty, Podcast
Bretman Rock (2) Streamy Awards: Show of the Year, Unscripted Series
Mark Rober (2) – Streamy Awards: Science and Engineering; Streamys Social Good Awards: Nonprofit or NGO
MrBeast (2) – Streamy Awards: Creator of the Year; Streamys Social Good Awards: Nonprofit or NGO 
Target (2) – Streamys Brand Awards: Brand of the Year, Branded Series
The Game Theorists (2) – Streamy Awards: Writing; Streamys Social Good Awards: Company or Brand
100 Thieves Cash App Compound Fortnite Activation (1) – Streamys Brand Awards: Brand Engagement
Activision (1) – Social Good Awards: Company or Brand
Addison Rae (1) – Streamy Awards: Lifestyle
Amazon Prime Video (1) – Streamys Brand Awards: Branded Video
Amelia Dimoldenberg (1) – Streamy Awards: Indie Series
Beast Philanthropy (1) – Streamys Social Good Awards: Nonprofit or NGO
Bella Poarch (1) – Streamy Awards: Breakout Creator
Building A Laser Baby (1) – Streamys Brand Awards: Branded Video
Channel 5 with Andrew Callaghnan (1) – Streamy Awards: News
Chicken Shop Date (1) – Streamy Awards: Indie Series
Cooking with Lynja (1) – Streamy Awards: Editing
Could You Survive The Movies? (1) – Streamy Awards: Scripted Series
CrankGamePlays (1) – Streamy Awards: Collaboration
Dark History (1) – Streamy Awards: Podcast
Deestroying (1) – Streamy Awards: Sports
Doctor Mike (1) – Streamy Awards: Health and Wellness
DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME (1) – Streamy Awards: Documentary
Dream (1) – Streamy Awards: Gaming
Drew Gooden (1) – Streamy Awards: Commentary
Emmanuel Acho  (1) – Social Good Awards: Creator
Food Pantry (1) – Social Good Awards: Nonprofit or NGO
Fortnite (1) – Streamys Brand Awards: Brand Engagement
Happy Dad Hard Seltzer (1) – Streamys Brand Awards: Creator Product
Invisible People (1) – Social Good Awards: Nonprofit or NGO
Invisible Stories (1) – Social Good Awards: Nonprofit or NGO
JABBAWOCKEEZ (1) – Streamy Awards: Dance
Jay Shetty (1) – Social Good Awards: Creator
Jeff Wittek (1) – Streamy Awards: Documentary
Jimmy Kimmel (1) – Social Good Awards: Nonprofit or NGO
Jonna Jinton (1) – Streamy Awards: Cinematography
Justin Kuiper (1) – Streamy Awards: Writing
Ketnipz (1) – Streamy Awards: Animated
Kroger Zero Hunger | Zero Waste Foundation (1) – Streamys Brand Awards: Social Impact Campaign
LeendaDong (1) – Streamy Awards: Comedy
Leftovers Roulette (1) – Streamys Brand Awards: Social Impact Campaign
Let’s Target Season 3 (1) – Streamys Brand Awards: Branded Series
Lynn Davis (1) – Streamy Awards: Editing
Markiplier (1) – Streamy Awards: Collaboration
Matthew Patrick (1) – Streamy Awards: Writing
Michael Reeves (1) – Streamys Brand Awards: Branded Video
Mrwhosetheboss (1) – Streamy Awards: Technology
Mythpat (India) (1) – Streamy Awards: International
NELK (1) – Streamys Brand Awards: Creator Product
NEXT for AUTISM (1) – Social Good Awards: Nonprofit or NGO
Nick DiGiovanni (1) – Streamy Awards: Food
P&G (1) – Social Good Awards: Company or Brand
Portal A (1) – Streamys Brand Awards: Agency of the Year
Radhi Devlukia-Shetty (1) – Social Good Awards: Creator
Shirley Raines (1) – Social Good Awards: Creator
SpongeBob SquarePants (1) – Streamys Brand Awards: Brand as Creator
State Farm (1) – Social Good Awards: Company or Brand
the cheeky boyos (1) – Streamy Awards: Short Form
The LaBrant Fam (1) – Streamy Awards: Kids and Family
The Try Guys (1) – Streamys Brand Awards: Social Impact Campaign
Tide (1) – Streamys Brand Awards: Influencer Campaign
Tide Super Bowl 2021: It’s Dirtier Than It Looks (1) – Streamys Brand Awards: Influencer Campaign
Unus Annus (1) – Streamy Awards: Collaboration
Valkyrae (1) – Streamy Awards: Livestreamer
Veritasium (1) – Streamy Awards: Learning and Education
Verzuz (1) – Streamy Awards: Live Show
Vsauce3 (1) – Streamy Awards: Scripted Series
Will Smith (1)  – Streamy Awards: Crossover
Wisdom Kaye (1) – Streamy Awards: Fashion and Style
Yes Theory (1) – Streamy Awards: First Person
Zach King (1) – Streamy Awards: Visual and Special

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