3 Reasons To Get Up, Dress Up, and Show Up!
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3 Reasons To Get Up, Dress Up, and Show Up!

#1 Have you ever woke up one morning and new right off the back that your day wasn’t going to be so great!? Well I have 3 statements to make that you won’t hate! What I’ve learned through out the years of being obsessed with fashion is that… When you look good you feel good! and when you take just a bit of preparation the day before to put together an outfit for the following day this could change your life and the way you see Fashion/ Style. As long as i could remember I’ve always ironed my clothes and put them out the night before… This was standard in my house hold. However this is not the case in most house holds. But heres what you can do to pull thru! Take about 15 Minutes to prepare the night before what you are going to wear what ever the occasion is. This tactic does two things. It will allow you to sleep in OR it gives you time to do something else in place of finding something to put on… Maybe you’ll be able to catch the coffee shop or finish the last two paragraphs on that essay thats due! 15 Minutes of Preparation the night before can save you an Hour the day of!


#2 When your fully prepared for something you feel accomplished and ready to take on more tasks! Also when you take the time to put a good ensemble together… Other compliments from people that admire your outfit will boost your energy and give you confidence! My Grandma used to say “When you look good you feel good”  If you take the time to be presentable and give that first great impression people won’t forget that! they’ll remember you far more than someone who looks thrown together. When putting together a good look it doesn’t have to look so matchy because that can be tacky! but color blocking with vibrant tones are exceptional. #Colorblocking means to mix colors and patterns.


#3 Being Confident in what you are wearing is important… Your thoughts matter most to what you feel that makes you look good it’s not the opposite of what others think of you. When you take the preparation and the time to be presentable and make a good first impression you have to be confident for the first 2 reasons to even be valid. Own your statement and wear it. Do what makes you happy. Fashion is not intimidating because we as people can manipulate styles and things.  Style is a personality trait… everyone has style believe it or not… Some styles just tend to be more confident than others ;]

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