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  • QUIXEL CONNECT™ to launch in StartUp Alley at TechCrunch on Tuesday 22nd September 2015.
  • Patented* HYPERSYNC© technology makes uploads to YouTube up to 20x faster & Content ID up to 50x faster.
  • YouTube’s Content ID site protects copyrighted material & has returned over $1 billion to rights holders in advertising revenue.
  • Copyright owners have been uploading to Content ID since it launched over 8 years ago.
  • Over 70% of the top 1,000 Facebook videos were illegal “freebooted” copyright works over a 30-day period in 2015.  (Ogilvy & Tubular Labs Report)
  • The HYPERSYNC© technology could be applied to all companies who upload video and who are coming under increasing pressure from rights holders to protect copyrighted content.
  • Quixel Connect™ also reduces data-centre storage requirements by up to 98% & as a result significantly reduces the major negative environmental impact.
  • Quixel™ Founder Rob Tucker says he believes all video platforms will introduce a copyright system in order to protect the intellectual property rights of video owners.
quixel connect
Quixel Connect

SAN FRANCISCO – September 17th, 2015 – Quixel™ today announces the launch of Quixel Connect™, an intuitive new software application that dramatically improves the way video content is uploaded to YouTube & Content ID.

It’s no secret that in the early days of YouTube, copyright infringement was a major problem. In 2007 YouTube developed a powerful weapon against piracy with the unique Content ID system. Content ID analyses every video as it is uploaded and checks it against a massive database of registered copyrighted material.

Rights holders can choose to either block infringing content or monetise it with ads. YouTube’s estimated advertising revenue in 2014 was $5.6 billion and a substantial amount of that was passed back to rights holders thanks to the Content ID system.

Content ID is currently only available to owners of large archives of video and not easily accessible to independent producers or smaller rights holders.

Uploading to and administering a Content ID account is complex, time consuming and costly so supporting copyright owners with just a few titles isn’t cost effective. Quixel’s new software simplifies & speeds up the process so Content ID could be rolled out to more users.

Quixel™ Founder Rob Tucker says “Quixel Connect™ is an intuitive new piece of software that makes protecting your copyright up to 50x faster.  The easy to use interface with enhanced video management tools will also make life easier for everybody who uploads videos to YouTube & Content ID.”

Facebook now claim to be streaming more video than YouTube but offers little to protect copyrighted works. According to a recent report by Ogilvy & Tubular Labs, over 70% of the top 1,000 videos on Facebook in Q1 of 2015 were illegally freebooted and these videos alone generated over 17 Billion views in just 3 months. (Freebooting is the process where people rip, record or steal legitimate copies and illegally upload them to Facebook.)

“Facebook recently announced they were launching a similar system to Content ID, but it will take many years to reach the same critical mass as Content ID.”

“YouTube has given rights holders powerful tools to protect their content and Quixel Connect™ now exclusively makes the process much easier, cheaper & faster. We believe that soon, all the major video platforms will follow YouTube’s lead & implement similar systems to stop the rampant copyright theft that’s happening every day” said Tucker.

Environmental Impact
Further to the time & cost savings now available to copyright holders, the Content ID files created by Quixel Connect™ are encoded as they are uploaded which massively reduces the processing requirements on YouTube’s servers. This in turn leads to immense storage requirement savings, reducing data centre power consumption by up to 98%. In addition to the savings for ContentID videos, Quixel Connect™ YouTube videos are also substantially smaller and offer a 90% reduction in storage needs.

“According to a report by the New York Times, a single data centre consumes as much power as a medium-sized town. By moving to Quixel Connect™ Content ID users can dramatically reduce the real & substantial negative environment impact of protecting their videos”

Emerging Markets

“Not only can Quixel Connect™ make protecting content easier & faster, it also opens up the opportunities for developing markets without good internet connections.  I hope Quixel Connect™ can help protect content creators in India, Russia, Africa, the Middle-East and anywhere people are making content.” added Tucker.



To Learn More Visit: www.quixelconnect.com
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