Amber Sealey’s NO MAN OF GOD Examines Ted Bundy Through a Female Lens w/ Elijah Wood and Luke Kirby, Opens Aug 27

From Acclaimed Filmmaker 


NO MAN OF GOD Is a Probing Psychological Study of Ted Bundy and FBI Analyst Bill Hagmaier

Starring Elijah Wood and Luke Kirby

Opens In Theaters and On Demand August 27 via RLJ Entertainment

Amber Sealey, U.S., 2021, 100m

Official Selection: Tribeca Film Festival

“A chilling psychological inquiry that holds your attention.”
The Hollywood Reporter 

“[Sealey’s] filmmaking is stylish and informative… brings the attention back to where it belongs.” —Indiewire

“An intricate character study… Sealey turns the tables by exploring… the human cost of understanding a monster.” —Bloody Disgusting

It was a radical new approach to criminal investigations: “profiling.” Through one-on-one discussions with serial offenders, FBI researchers could go much more in-depth. FBI analyst Bill Hagmaier (Elijah Wood), emboldened by this new philosophy, sat down with famed serial killer Ted Bundy (Luke Kirby) for several interviews from 1984-1989 inside Florida State Prison, in hopes of figuring out why Bundy murdered more than 20 victims. What started out as a straightforward informational assignment gradually turned personal for Hagmaier, whose feelings about his charismatic subject grew more complicated with each conversation. Is it possible to empathize with evil? Studies of Ted Bundy’s life and crimes have been in vogue lately, but this two-character study from director Amber Sealey is the most sober and psychologically intricate look at the killer’s story yet. With a pair of dynamic performances at its center, particularly that of an exceptional Kirby as Bundy, No Man of God is riveting in its intimate chamber piece structure. Sealey and company, including writer Kit Lesser, who based the screenplay on real-life transcripts, don’t glamourize the oft-romanticized Bundy; instead, No Man of God deftly balances emotional complexity and clear-eyed truthfulness. —Tribeca Film Festival

About Amber Sealey
Amber Sealey is an award-winning filmmaker attached to direct THE EDUCATION OF SHELBY KNOX (OCP/Act 4 Ent/Double Nickel/Neal Baer) and a comedy pilot she wrote called SISTERED (Kids At Play). She has written scripts for Duplass Brothers/Donut Productions and has been supported by Sundance, Film Independent, Women In Film. She is a fellow of the AFI Directing Workshop for Women. She was selected for Ryan Murphy’s Half Initiative, the NBCUniversal Directors Initiative, the WeForShe DirectHer program, Film Independent’s Directing Lab, and their Fast Track program. Her short film, HOW DOES IT START, premiered at Sundance and (among other awards) won Best Narrative Short at Sarasota FF, and is being turned into a feature film with Vanishing Angle and Alec Baldwin attached as an EP. Her feature NO LIGHT & NO LAND ANYWHERE won a Special Jury Award at the LA Film Festival. EP’d by Miranda July, it won the Indie Vision Breakthrough Award at Twin Cities FF. Her second feature, HOW TO CHEAT, won Best Performance at LAFF. 


Theaters and On Demand

Starting On: August 27, 2021
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