When a young woman turns to the camera for refuge, she ends up with a firsthand account of what will become the deadliest man-made epidemic in United States history. Thirty years in the making, Anonymous Sister is Emmy Award®-winning director, Jamie Boyle’s chronicle of her family’s collision with the opioid epidemic.

Anonymous Sister begins in the 1980s, as the close-knit Boyle family is introduced through home movie footage of their lives in the Colorado countryside. As the years tick by, the youngest family member, Jamie, is drawn to the camera in early childhood, begging to operate it at any opportunity while her older sister, Jordan, embarks on what will become a prodigious figure-skating career.

By the time she reaches her late teenage years Jamie is documenting, in excruciating detail, Jordan and her mom, Julie, as both simultaneously descend into opioid addiction while battling chronic pain. Unbeknownst to her at the time, Jamie was capturing the reality of the opioid epidemic long before it was acknowledged or named, when it entered your home under the guise of healthcare, when those to whom we entrust our lives became the greatest threat to it.

Thirteen years later finds both family members sober and Jordan newly pregnant with her first child. The pregnancy will mark her first major interaction with the medical community since getting off opioids. Jamie once again picks up the camera as her mom and sister face new hurdles in their hard won sobriety. What she sees this time is not just a family, but an entire nation, in turmoil.

To Be Released in Movie Theaters This June


New York
Opens Friday, June 2

IFC Center

Los Angeles
Opens Friday, June 16

Laemmle Monica Film Center

“The most powerful documentaries often make the world’s largest crises feel emotionally personal and Anonymous Sister is no exception. Reminiscent of Garrett Bradley’s TIME, this film is unrelenting and shouldn’t be missed.”
– Noah Ramer, Silver Linings Reviews

“Raw, poignant and deeply personal.”
– Mike Kaspar, Film School Radio

“It’s a masterfully told personal journal that is both insightful and deeply moving.” “Jamie Boyle’s incredible documentary explores the deception and corruption that created the opioid crisis while at the same time showing a powerful portrait of a family that gets lost in the never ending cycle of addiction.”

– Danny Strong, Creator & Director of DOPESICK


Distributed by Long Shot Factory
Presented by Big Mouth Productions
Co-Produced by Vulcan Productions
Directed, Produced, Filmed and Edited by Jamie Boyle
Produced by: Marilyn Ness, Elizabeth Westrate
Executive Produced by: Jody Allen, Ruth Johnston, Rocky Collins, Jannat Gargi, Katy Drake Bettner, Tiger Tale Productions, Dana Dicarlo, Julie Stampler
Composer: Saul Simon MacWilliams

June 2, 2023 6:00pm
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To Be Released in Movie Theaters This June
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