"Bastards y Diablos" Premiere earns standing ovation during LAFF Screening
Bastards Y Diablos

“Bastards y Diablos” Premiere earns standing ovation during LAFF Screening

Two estranged American half-brothers travel through Colombia to fulfill their dead father’s will and connect with their family, their dad’s homeland, and – ultimately – each other.

Ed and Dion, estranged half-brothers, are brought together by the unexpected death of their Colombian father.  Reunited for the first time as adults, they travel to Bogota to fulfill their father’s will: a set of directions leading them on a journey across Colombia to spread his ashes in the places that meant the most to him.  As the brothers progress on their quest, each location takes on a mythic importance, revealing the identity of their father, their homeland, and themselves.

bastards y diablos 3

Bastards y Diablos is an epic story about intimate themes – brotherhood, legacy, love, and death – told in an unconventional manner.  Inspired by true events in the life of the screenwriter’s father, and including a cast largely comprised of non-actors – many of whom are family members or former lovers of the actual Colombian man – the film seamlessly blends reality with fiction to create an authentic, immersive journey.  Both personal and universal, it hones in on spontaneous human moments while capturing the breathtaking landscape of Colombia.  It was shot entirely on location in a dozen cities across Colombia by a crew of six, on a budget of $25k.

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Directed by A.D. Freese
Written by Andrew Perez

Executive Produced by Dillon Porter, Andrew Perez
Produced by Andrew Perez, A.D. Freese, Dillon Porter,
Peter Grigsby, Eric G. Johnson, Joe Milner

Starring Dillon Porter, Andrew Perez,
Sebas Eslava, Juanita Arias



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