Behind The Scenes: 1 on 1 Q & A with Torrey DeVitto

Behind The Scenes: 1 on 1 Q & A with Torrey DeVitto

Q&A with Torrey DeVitto!

Torrey Joël DeVitto has recently signed on to star in the 7th season of Lifetime’s popular drama, Army Wives (2007). Torrey was most recently seen in the CW television series,The Vampire Diaries (2009), as “Dr. Meredith Fell”, and continues to have a popular recurring role as “Melissa Hastings” on ABC Family’s hit show, Pretty Little Liars (2010). Torrey wrapped up the film, Evidence (2013), starring Stephen Moyer, which is now being discussed as a 2013 release, depending on festival inclusion.

She will be performing at a fundraising gala Saturday, April 18th for New Horizons – serving adults with development disabilities since 1954.


Q: What brought you to perform for this fundraising gala with New Horizons?

TD:  My good friend, Todd Krim, introduced me to New Horizons. After hearing about it and researching it, I just thought it was a beautiful cause that I would be honored

Q. Do you know anyone affected by mental disabilities?

TD: I have worked with people with mental disabilities before and have known people in my life with mental disabilities.

Q. What do you do when people tell you that you can’t do something?

TD: I don’t listen. There is no one better than your own self that could ever know your own capabilities, and I truly believe that you can achieve absolutely anything you put your mind and heart to.

Q. You seem to have everything, what is one challenge that you overcame that people might not know about?

TD: Stage fright and insecurities. I have and still do have to talk myself into and talk myself up before any type of performance or big audition. Any situation I was in, I always used to think “Oh man, how did I fool them to get here?!”

Q. How many no’s for auditions do you get compared to yes’s?

TD: Ha ha! A lot. I always joke that as an actor, I get told no at least once a day.

Q. What do you do to pick yourself up and keep going when you get a no?

TD: I have to force myself to put my attention somewhere. I’ll call my boyfriend who can instantly cheer me up or go play with my puppies, or get my sister to go do something fun with me or focus on other things that I enjoy doing like playing the violin or hula hoop dancing.

Q:  What is one thing that most people don’t know about you?

TD: Well, according to my boyfriend, I am the clumsiest person he knows.

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