Behind the Scenes Q&A with the Founder of - Rent Evaluation Application
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Behind the Scenes Q&A with the Founder of – Rent Evaluation Application

Q. What was the inspiration for

CG: After I invented my product, Luminous Envy, I started helping other people get their ideas off the ground. Someone came to me with the idea for RentEval. I loved it so much that I decided to make an offer to take over the company so I could grow it into something great!

rent evaluation application

Q. What ultimate problem you aim to solve with Rent Eval?

CG: Right now, property management companies are using a pen, paper and digital camera to complete walk-through inspections after move out. After conducting their inspection, they have to go back to the computer to input all the data. RentEval replaces all of that with a simple app and custom template that allows inspectors to use their iphone to get pictures, take notes, and send data straight to the cloud with a click of a button.

Q. Is this more for Property Inspectors or Property Managers?

CG: Both. Our first focus is the inspectors at property management companies, but we are about to release another version that is more universal for any inspector in any industry.

Q. How did you get it started? Did you build the app yourself?

CG: I pitched the idea at a competition called CodeLaunch. I won first place, so they invested $100k worth of development services for RentEval. This was a life saver for me because I don’t know the first thing about building an app. They are still taking applications for this year’s CodeLaunch so I recommend everyone apply with their app idea!

Q. You are a serial entrepreneur, what were your past endeavors?

CG: The Luminous Envy tanning bed was my first invention. It’s still sold across the nation today, with Leslie’s Pool being our biggest retailer. I also have a consulting firm as well as a product that helps Inventors get started with their own product:

Q. To me you seem to be the Cyberdust Queen, what inspired you to throw the Cyberdust meetup party of over 500 people in Dallas?

CG: I really don’t know how that all happened. The queen part and the 500 people part. I think that the Cyber Dust community is so special that it brings people together in such a unique way. I truly believe it’s the future of networking.

Cheri Garcia and Neil Rapoport of RentEval

(Cheri Garcia and business partner Neal Rapoport of RentEval)

Q. What is your ultimate goal with RentEval and what do you want people to know?

CG: My ultimate goal is to replace pen and paper for the inspection process for industries across the world. I think it can be done so long as we can hit the gas pedal fast enough and focus on one vertical at a time.

You can learn more at, download the app, and keep up with Cheri Garcia on twitter @Luminous_Cheri @Cyberdust at +LuminousCheri!

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