Canines In Haute Couture For NY Fashion Week
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Canines In Haute Couture For NY Fashion Week

Under new guidelines, Mr Rubio presented his Canine Couture and Women’s Wear 2021 collection during New York Fashion Week. The runway show premiered on Sunday, February 14th at 7:00pm EST on his social media platforms including his YouTube channel and website.

Every season, Anthony Rubio partners up with animal shelters and animal organizations to include dogs that are up for adoption in his show.

Born and raised in New York City, of Puerto Rican ancestry, this year Rubio decided to work with The Sato Project, dedicated to rescuing abused & abandoned dogs in Puerto Rico.

Canine Models included dogs from shelters, rescue groups, social media influencers.

From Anthony Rubio

With the world still dragging through such uncertain times, things keep changing sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worst. We are unable to make definite plans or mark our calendars for one thing we have all had to get used to is that things can instantly take a turn. We have one of two choices: give up or be resilient. I chose to be resilient taking every opportunity to make things work in my favor and to have that positive effect on all of those that I encounter. I chose to learn to work around challenges and seek out the proverbial silver lining.

That said, when the New York Fashion Week season appeared in the not so far off horizon I researched what was predicted to happen and took into consideration the restrictions brought on by the way we are all having to live and work. As was the case last season, there were to be now audience attended shows and there are limits, as back then, on how many bodies could come together to create any presentation along with rules of social distancing. temperature testing, mask wearing and constant disinfection of surfaces, tools and so forth. Many designers and fashion houses opted out but Anthony Rubio Designs chose to meet the challenge.

We chose to present a virtual runway show. We did it last season with success and it was very well received. By now we are used to being in front of film crews and more importantly we want to bring joy and hope to an industry that like many has taken huge hits and losses. We won’t go down without a fight. While on the subject of going virtual I can now divulge the inspiration for this season’s designs for both humans and especially for the canines.

Since we find ourselves confined and seeking ways to stay in touch, conduct business, keep up education, seek entertainment and keep up with news among so many other things computers and cell phones are our tools, our necessities. Applications a.k.a. Apps are evolving to accommodate our needs. We school our children through Google Meets and Zoom classes. We communicate with friends, coworkers, bosses and family members through Zoom. The bottom line is that when we interact in person, we must do it now on screen. This became the idea for my show. I asked one simple question, “How do I want to be seen on the computer screen?” Then I took a good look at what has been happening on the internet and took it from there. People want to look healthy, some sexy, some silly and most want to be taken seriously. The bottom line is that everyone wants to look their best. That brought me back full circle the reason for fashion.

Now that my idea was in place, with so much happening in entertainment and our fashions having to be more adaptable to working and playing from home but not forgetting that we still can maintain allure, luxury and romance after all there are zoom parties with themes happening, I put together a collection of camera and virtual intercommunication or , as you will, zoom ready fashions for both humans and their pets.

You will see influences from a very popular “Regency” period miniseries Bridgerton on the dogs as well as inspirations from very famous quirky human couture moments in fashion history. On humans the fashions are fun, comfortable, alluring and romantic. I especially infused red for two reasons. We are now celebrating the Chinese Lunar New Year of the Ox and red is the color of good fortune. On the other hand there is another red ruffled dress representing the romance, after all my show is taking place on Valentines Day.

Lastly, I would like to share that I love what I do because it opens a platform for me to speak on the causes true to my heart, Animal Rescue and Pet adoption. In every one of my shows I include dogs from all walks of life. Yes there are famous instagram dogs and influencers the likes of Lala the Pomeranian, Milk another loveable and famous smiling Pomeranian along with his brother. We have a mixed breed little fashion and huge influencer girl named Miley Jo and there is Riley the Yorkie Poo another influencer. Our youngest pooch is a 7 month old fur baby named Pebbles and our eldest from San Antonio, TX is a blind Chihuahua named Nina who is a rescued senior. We have a gorgeous little girl new to the scene named Pearla who has stolen everyone’s heart and of course my supermodel world traveler Chihuahua brothers Bogie and Kimba. Our featured RESCUE is named Charlotte. She is a SATO a name given to dogs rescued off the streets and beaches of the islands, in this case from Puerto Rico. She is the true living story of going from Rags to Riches, only she is the one who enriches the lives of all of those he meets. She was rescued by the SATO PROJECT based here in New York and who flew down to Puerto Rico shipping hundreds of rescued dogs up for adoption to fill lives with unconditional love and joy.

In closing I express hope, faith, perseverance, joy and Love….

Best, Anthony Rubio

| Canines In Haute Couture For NY Fashion Week

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