Kino Lorber is pleased to present Close to Vermeer, a thrilling look behind the scenes of the Rijksmuseum’s blockbuster exhibition of the Dutch master.

Close to Vermeer offers audiences a unique insight into the realization of the largest Vermeer exhibition ever, as director Suzanne Raes captures Rijksmuseum curators Gregor Weber and Pieter Roelofs and conservators Abbie Vandivere and Anna Krekeler in their mission to shine a new light on Johannes Vermeer. For although The Milkmaid and Girl with a Pearl Earring are world-famous, we know little about the painter himself. No self-portraits, no letters, no notes; a small oeuvre is all that the Dutch Master left behind.

This fascinating documentary shows everything from the quiet diplomacy required to get the Vermeers to the Netherlands and the new knowledge gained by scanning the paintings layer by layer, to the shocking world news that one work may not be by Vermeer after all, gradually revealing how Vermeer was able to depict reality so differently from his contemporaries. Above all, Close to Vermeer shows the infectious love of the curators and other protagonists for Vermeer’s art. As Weber lovingly puts it, “A good exhibition should change your view of the world. Vermeer can really do that.”


Praise for the Rijksmuseum’s Exhibition:
“One of the most thrilling exhibitions ever conceived”
– Laura Cumming, The Guardian
“The show is just about perfect: perfectly argued, perfectly paced,
as clear and uncontaminated as the light streaming
through those Delft windows.”
– Jason Farago, The New York Times
“A staggeringly beautiful, brilliantly realized show unlikely to be repeated.”
– Mary Tompkins Lewis, The Wall Street Journal

May 26, 2023 6:00pm
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Close to Vermeer opens May 26 at the Quad Cinema in NY, with national expansion to follow.
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