Dapper Labs CEO Roham Gharogozlou: “Bill Gates missed the wave in mobile; missed the wave in social media”

Roham Gharogozlou, CEO of blockchain company Dapper Labs, responds to Bill Gates’ NFT criticism

On Monday, June 20, Dapper Labs CEO Roham Gharogozlou spoke with the Cut’s Lindsay Peoples on Centre Stage at Toronto’s Collision conference about the future of NFTs.

In response to Bill Gates’ view of NFTs – in which he claimed that they are a sham, while referencing the Greater Fool Theory – Roham said that people who disparage this technology, which is still in “toddler phase”, jump to conclusions because they don’t fully understand it.

“It’s very typical that people who built a lot of value, and created a lot of value in previous technology shifts, tend to miss the future technology shifts. In some ways, it’s because of the perception that they have – the world view that they have – and in some ways, it’s because they’re jumping to conclusions based on incomplete information. They don’t have the time to really go deep and see, at the ground level, what’s happening.”

“So Bill Gates himself missed the wave in mobile, missed the wave in social media, and this is because he created that first wave and enabled all of the following to exist. With all due respect, I don’t worry too much about people that don’t see the future. I spend a lot of time with people that do see the future – because those are the people that do build the future.”

Roham said that many leaders in the tech industry are quitting web 2.0 in favour of developing Web3 as “a new way to write software in a way that is more open; more transparent; more suitable to the world we live in – a way to build software that respects our rights as users.” He noted that the transparency gained through using Web3 will help developers to build digital products of the same high quality as are available online currently, but that were instead created “in an open way; in an interoperable, decentralized way.”

Roham also noted that other technologies created on the blockchain – such as crypto wallets – could help people to take greater ownership of their place in society.

Check out the video of the talk:

Hosted by The Cut’s Lindsay Peoples

Video and Speaker Coverage Courtesy of Collision Conference.

"NFTs are not this niche thing that are only relevant to artists"

“Once we put crypto wallets in every pocket, that is basically every person empowered
to create, share and participate in value economies around the world.”

“With all due respect, I don’t worry too much about people that don’t see the future,” said Roham


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