Dear Edward

A 12-year-old boy becomes the lone survivor of a plane crash. As he and others affected by the tragedy try to make sense of what happened, unexpected friendships, romances, and communities are formed.

In the wake of a tragic plane crash, a group of strangers comes together to learn there is life after loss. Dear Edward is streaming now on Apple TV+

From the producers of Parenthood and Friday Night Lights, comes a heartbreaking, life-affirming, and uplifting story about survival, resilience, connection, and the examination of that which makes us human. Based on a best-selling novel, Dear Edward stars Connie Britton and Taylor Schilling.

Song: “Hey Ma” by Bon Iver

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Starring: Colin O’Brien, Taylor Schilling, Connie Britton, Carter Hudson, Amy Forsyth, Dario Ladani Sanchez, Ivan Shaw, Khloe Bruno, Brittany Hall, Maxwell Jenkins, Audrey Corsa, Douglas Griffin, Anna Uzele, Idris Debrand, Eva Binder, Jenna Qureshi

Written by: Jason Katims, Megan Chan Meinero, Rajiv Joseph, Halley Feiffer, Romi Barta, LaDarian Smith, Louisa Hill, Michelle Lirtzman

Executive Produced by: Jason Katims, Jeni Mulein, Ann Napolitano

Directed by: Fisher Stevens, Allison Liddi-Brown, David Boyd, Jaffar Mahmood, Clement Virgo, Nisha Ganatra

February 3, 2023
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