Emerging Experience Taste at the Skylight Studios: Are you hungry for art?
Emerging Experience Tast, at the Skylight Studios

Emerging Experience Taste at the Skylight Studios: Are you hungry for art?

If you’ve been to the Annenberg Space for Photography, chances are you missed the Skylight Studio. Just across the courtyard from it’s more established big brother, the Skylight Studio is a 5,000 square of multi-media interactive space, and they’re taking all those art buzzwords like “immersive” and “alternative exhibition” and are visibly executing them.

Their latest adventure-in-art is called Emerging Experience Taste, exploring the visual side of food. The exhibition space inundates the senses – it literally surrounds the audience with multi media images from all sides, as viewers stand amongst the projections.

With video installations Howard’s Farm (by Ivan Cash) and Flatten (by Hugo de Kok and Kay Van Vree) the works weave together questions such as where does food comes form, and who has access to it. A more disturbing consideration in Flatten showcases the photographs of Henry Hargreaves’ portraits of prisoners last meals before execution. The images leave the viewer with an eerie and undigested feeling.

Henry Hargreaves series "No Seconds", featured in "Flatten" by Hugo de Kok and Kay Van Vree
Henry Hargreaves series “No Seconds”, featured in “Flatten” by Hugo de Kok and Kay Van Vree

But the majority of the Emerging Taste experience is audience activated. They encourage everyone – professional photographers and novices alike – to hashtag food on instagram (#EmergingTaste). All those pictures you’ve taken of your homemade blueberry scones, or Sunday brunches with friends – those pictures now have a place as art! The exhibition hall is filled with projectors, rotating images, and these images are composed primarily of photos uploaded and tagged #EmergingTaste by average users. This means the audience can see their own instagram images on exhibit –it also means that the show is always changing, never stagnant, and nothing could sum up the overlap between art and technology better than that.

Aside from getting your own pics posted – the Skylight Studio has assembled a fantastic assortment of lectures and workshops. How can you explore the concept of taste without having actual chefs? You cant! And skylight Studio delivers with workshops and tastings (tickets required) by renowned LA chefs Roxana Jullapat and Dan Mattern on Saturday June 13, followed by a mixology class titled “The Manhattan Project” hosted by the Cocktail Lab on Sunday June 20.

For hours, location, and a full list of workshops and lecture being offered, please visit www.annenbergphotospace.org/exhibits/emerging-experience

Emerging Experience Taste is open June 6 – July 12

Emerging Experience Sound will open July 13 – Aug 16

Emerging Experience Style will open Aug 17 – Sept 20

Emerging – PDN’s exhibition showcasing thirty emerging photographers is simultaneously on view at the Annenberg Space for Photography, from June 6 – Sept 20

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