EMERGING TALENT MILAN RUNWAY SHOWS Of Fall-Winter 2024/2025 Collections

Unveiling Fashion’s Future: Emerging Talent Milan Runway Shows For Fall-Winter 2024 Showcases at Palazzo Bocconi.

Emerging as the beacon of style and innovation, the Fall Winter 2024 fashion season is set to make its mark at Palazzo Bocconi (co. Venezia 48), on February 24th and 25th. 

Showcasing the most coveted collections from esteemed designers and emerging talents alike, this event promises to be a captivating celebration of creativity, craftsmanship, and cultural diversity. 

A Showcase of Creativity 

Palazzo Bocconi will once again transform into a runway of dreams, where fashion meets art and design. From avant-garde designs to timeless classics, the Fall-Winter 2024 shows will feature an eclectic mix of styles that redefine the boundaries of fashion. 

Participating Brands: Artuyt, Baveyan, Bella Mandorla, Diana Caramaci, Esstatut, Houita Couture House, JYK, LUNAR Laboratories, M.ROF, Petit Fil, Poel, VOR Makeup

An International Affair 

Drawing inspiration from the global melting pot of cultures, the Emerging Talents Milan new season will bring together 12 designers from 7 countries, each weaving their unique narratives into the fabric of fashion. With participants hailing from diverse backgrounds and design philosophies, the event promises to be a celebration of creativity without borders. 

A Platform for Emerging Talents 

Fashion enthusiasts, industry insiders, and trendsetters alike are invited to join us and support the promising newcomers. Experience the thrill of the runway, immerse yourself in the world of design, and witness firsthand the upcoming trends that will define the season ahead.

LUNAR Laboratories

Solid lines that confine the bold figures, structural transparencies that imprint timelessness, dark tones that reflect the most distant galaxies, all of them put together to reveal a discrete presence, yet a presence that very well knows its position in society, an atypical and nonconformist presence that exists beyond any limit, a strong and intense presence that doesn’t go unnoticed.

LUNAR Laboratories is an avantgarde brand founded in Bucharest, Romania. The creative vision of the brand is centered around past work experience of the designer behind the brand, Vlad Vraciu, in the field of aerospace engineering, emphasizing clean mathematical-based lines, angles, shapes or layers transposed from the dynamics of flying objects into ready-to-wear pieces with the desire to offer an own perspective on the future in fashion design.

BLINDFOLDED AW24-25 Collection story

In the heart of a concealed world, a team of explorers embarked on a journey into an enigmatic nuclear laboratory hidden beneath the earth. Equipped with leather crafted armors, they ventured into the depths, ready to uncover the extraordinary world hidden within.

As they delved deeper, the laboratory unfolded its secrets with unforeseen challenges – intricate chambers, unexpected experiments will force their limits. Leather armors, initially chosen for their durability, became a crucial layer of defense against the unforeseen hazards.

Each step in the darkness became a lesson in adaptability, as they take decisions based on instinct and relied on the resilience of their equipment and skills. The armors, chosen for its durability, bore the marks of unforeseen encounters, narrating a spectacular story of the team’s journey through the unknown.

The belts, designed for protection, became tools to overcome obstacles, makeshift solutions to unforeseen problems. Each challenge faced in the hidden laboratory added a unique mark to their armors, a testament to their adaptability and resilience.

Through adversity, the explorers not only sought answers but also discovered unexpected beauty in the experiments and creations that surrounded them. With every twist and turn, the team’s blindfolded journey became a tale of courage, inventiveness, and the transformative power of the unexpected.

Emerging from this expedition, this collection tells a unique story – a fusion of mystery and sophistication. Worn as iconic uniforms, the leather armor and belts symbolize not only protection but also the triumph of resistance over the challenges faced blindly, creating a collection that celebrated the strength found within the unseen.


M.ROF (-form- in reverse) boldy seeks to transform traditional shapes of clothing and change current fashion perceptions. M.ROF takes pride in creating images of modern fashion that align with changing times and unconventional ideas.

Multifaced Coexist Concept with Meta Hangul

The concept for the 2024 F/W season aims to showcase a modern yet powerful reinterpretation of sartorial street style, blending avant-garde elements with a streetwise mood. Emphasizing the use of eco-friendly materials in structural designs, M.RoF sets itself apart with a distinctive approach. The graphics incorporate a vintage, frugal reinterpretation of pictograms, introducing a distorted form reminiscent of screen errors, all while expressing meta-Korean characters. In the face of the expanding global crisis, M.RoF, a contemporary fashion brand, seeks to alleviate anxiety by offering tranquility in contrasts and diverse options this season. Continuously conveying messages about the environment to customers, the brand provides a differentiated and experimental brand experience.

The focus for this season is on adding distinct features that can leave a lasting impression on the brand by reinterpreting the quiet luxury into a streetwise and cult-like style, while preserving the original nuances. Emphasis is placed on expanding the consumer base beyond the existing M.RoF power-modern style, particularly targeting the brand’s fan base.

The casual classic for this season undergoes an upgrade to maintain everyday practicality and comfort while exuding sophistication and fashion-forward elements.

The collection unfolds based on combinations of styles that seem unlikely to complement each other. Going beyond the fundamental contrast between practicality and ornamentation, it expresses a coexistence of the free-spirited and modern image, moving away from the tidy and conservative nuances associated with the dichotomy of street and formalwear.

Consideration is given not only to realism but also to the joy offered by dressing up. The collection is structured around well-crafted basic items with the addition of bold fashion pieces. The expression of silhouette and proportion is crucial, featuring subtle oversized elements and graphic cuttings. Differentiation is achieved through cutting lines, variations in lengths, necklines, and the introduction of focal points like waistlines and waist skirts. Moreover, adjusting excess fabric, adding slight transformations to sleeves, and incorporating delicate variations contribute to making small but significant differences. The emphasis is on completing a streetwise style beyond the common classics through these subtle yet distinct variations.

JYK Label

Bringing Ulos to the Global Stage

“From Village to Global”

JYK chose the fashion season of 2024/2025 as the opportune moment to introduce Ulos. Through this collection, JYK aims to convey the philosophy of Ulos as a symbol of a blanket, representing protection from the cold that strikes during autumn and winter. Thus, this collection not only presents aesthetic beauty but also carries a profound meaning of preserving and nurturing Indonesian cultural heritage.”

“Some important values that JYK Label aims to convey through the theme ‘Dalihan Na Tolu’ are balance, respect, and empowerment of women as the foundation of stability in societal relationships.

JYK uses black as a symbol of stability, gold ornaments as a symbol of glory and triumph, red as a symbol of confidence, and white as a symbol of freedom and openness in a sincere and unadorned sense. The fabric used in this collection is chosen to create a sense of stability and strength, including materials such as mikado, wool, suiting, silk charmeuse, and taffeta, balanced with organza and soft fabrics like chiffon and silk charmeuse.

In this latest collection, JYK combines elements of traditional Batak culture with Italian architectural styles, particularly Gothic style with its geometric characteristics and large windows, along with the dramatic style of Italian baroque.

Diana Caramaci

In an exciting development for fashion enthusiasts and industry insiders alike, the esteemed fashion brand from Romania, Bucharest, Diana Caramaci Design is thrilled to announce its participation in Emerging Talents Milan Fall-Winter 2024/2025. With a reputation for innovation and elegance, Diana Caramaci Design is poised to unveil its latest collection, promising an unforgettable showcase of style, creativity, and cutting-edge design with this nature, jungle vibes inspired collection. “Showing in Milan marks a significant milestone for our brand, since it’s a return for us”, said Diana Caramaci, the visionary founder and creative force behind the brand. “It’s an opportunity to share our passion for fashion with the world, and we’re excited to bring our unique designs to such a prestigious platform with the help of Emerging Talents Milan”.

About Diana Caramaci Design

Founded on the principles of innovation, craftsmanship, and timeless elegance, Diana Caramaci Design has quickly risen to prominence in the fashion industry, having so far fashion shows at Milan, Paris, New York and Dubai. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to sustainability, the brand seamlessly blends traditional techniques with modern aesthetics, creating pieces that are both striking and wearable since 2017.

The Anticipated Collection

This season’s collection draws inspiration from the natural beauty of the Amazonian Jungle, combining textures with bold, fiercy, but also floral patterns. Each piece reflects Diana Caramaci Design’s dedication to quality and individuality, promising to captivate attendees with its originality and sophistication.


Selma Boulcina, the distinguished artistic director of the esteemed haute couture house “Houita”, stands as a prominent Algerian stylist and fashion creator, embellishing the canvas of her 32 years of existence. The foundation of her creative genius lies in her mother, Houita 

Hamerelaine, an artisan of Algerian traditional attire since the 1960s. Inheritor of an ancestral knowledge passed down from her father and the extensive Fergani family of artisans in Constantine, she resolved to dedicate her life to this exquisite art. 

As a child of the precious maternal workshop, where sumptuous fabrics, golden threads, and the intoxicating scent of leather intertwine, Selma grew amidst the erudite pages of fashion. Her love for this craft was nurtured through active collaboration, punctuated by innovative ideas and unwavering dedication to this exquisite profession. Her academic journey, adorned with in-depth studies in pharmaceutical chemistry, took an unexpected turn. Vacations and weekends invariably led to the path of the maternal workshop, echoing an irrepressible passion. Initially destined for the pharmaceutical field, she decisively chose to delve into modeling and styling, refining her skills at a prominent Algerian fashion school, New Forma. 

Her mother, the enlightened guardian of creative flame, always allowed her the necessary space to infuse her youthful touch, catalyzing the birth of unique new models. A subtle balance between tradition and modernity manifests in her creations, preserving heritage while injecting a contemporary freshness. Her inspiration, a true alchemy of Algerian history, paintings, music resonating from Algerian, Spanish, Turkish, Arab, and European influences, draws from the vibrant colors of fabrics, pearls, flowers, nature, and European, Algerian, and Oriental cinema. Each element becomes a fount of inspiration, enriching the fertile soil of her imagination. Her artistic endeavor materializes in the meticulousness of her research and the finesse of her sketches. She nurtures a profound desire to unveil the richness of Algerian traditional attire worldwide, turning each creation into an ambassador of Algerian customs and elegance.




Diana Caramaci @dianacaramaci.design

JYK Label  @jyk_fashionlabel

M.RoF @mrof_cuzj

LUNAR Laboratories  @lunar.laboratories


Art Director: Tariel Bisharyan

Head Fashion Stylist: Lucine Ayanian

Beauty Director and Key Makeup Artist: Valeria Orlando

Makeup Team: VOR Academy and Royal Academy of MakeUp

Makeup Sponsor: VOR Makeup

Key Hair Stylist: Antonio Iengo

Backstage Director: Giuliana Bortolato

Casting Director: Josip Grabovac

Lighting and Set: Family Studio Srl

Partners: GurapaLab, DNA Made In Italy

Official partners and sponsors:

VOR Make-up by Valeria Orlando

Antonio Iengo Hair Style  

Gurapa Lab

DNA Made In Italy

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