ENTERTAINMENT, film review

ENTERTAINMENT, film review


starring Greg Turkington, John C. Reilly, Michael Cera

directed by Rick Alverson

*1/2 out of 4 stars

If there’s a film out this year that leaves you more stupefied and speechless thanĀ Entertainment, I sure-as-shit haven’t seen it. I mean that in the worst way.

For this film’s 110 minutes, we follow the unnamed, ultra-dark Comedian(Greg Turkington), as he and his partner Eddie the Clown(an underused Tye Sheridan) embark on a comedy tour through the Mojave dessert, playing a series of dead-end shows, with the Comedian hoping to reach his daughter at the tour’s tail end. But what quickly develops is a dead-end movie, as we watch in embarrassed-horror as this Andy-Kaufman wannabe spurts jizz talk and sexist obscenities that would shame even Bob Saget. Too bad all of the jokes are unfunny, and we are left to witness every single one of them, the repetition going up as this comedian continues to spiral down. Sure, there are plenty of characters along the way, including a warm, dryly-comic John C. Reilly, and a wasted, whacked-out Michael Cera. But even when the Comedian is holding a bloody newborn (don’t ask), this movie can’t shock the audience into caring about this faded-fool, who only manages to become more unlikable as the film drags on. Do you think the Comedian’s estranged daughter will show up at the end? Could you blame her for not?

We should be able to connect with this character that real-life comedian Greg Turkington struggles to create. Hell, I see the delusion of celebrity people get on a regular basis, thinking they have the ability to entertain. If this film proves anything, it’s that you need more than shock-value to do so.

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