Upcoming Exhibitions at LACMA | June 2024–Winter 2025

Upcoming Exhibitions at LACMA | June 2024–Winter 2025

Advance Exhibition Schedule

LACMA’s summer of women artists kicked off with Simone Leigh and continues with Judy Baca: Painting in the River of Angeles, now extended through July 21, followed by Magdalena Suarez Frimkess: The Finest Disregard—the artist’s first-ever museum survey—which opens in August.

Later this year, LACMA will invite visitors to explore the junction of art and science in new and unexpected ways, as part of PST ART: Art & Science Collide. Spanning histories across the globe from the Stone Age to the present, our fall season will spotlight the power of color in Indigenous Mesoamerican traditions; universal endeavors to capture the cosmos; the world-altering impact of digital editing tools; and lens-based portraits of rapidly changing ecologies. More information can be found in our Advance Exhibition Schedule.

Simone Leigh
Now–January 20, 2025

Simone Leigh, the first comprehensive survey of this celebrated artist’s work, features approximately 20 years of Leigh’s production in ceramic, bronze, video, and installation, as well as works from her 2022 Venice Biennale presentation. This exhibition is co-presented in Los Angeles by LACMA and the California African American Museum (CAAM).

Magdalena Suarez Frimkess: The Finest Disregard Frimkess
August 18, 2024–January 5, 2025

The first museum exhibition of the L.A.-based and Venezuelan-born artist, Magdalena Suarez Frimkess: The Finest Disregardspans over five decades, featuring ceramics, paintings, and drawings, many shown in public for the first time.

Josiah McElheny: Island Universe
September 12, 2024–Ongoing

Embodying the concept of the multiverse, a key element in contemporary cosmological thinking, Josiah McElheny’s dramatic Island Universe is a sculptural installation that denotes “drawings of time. This is a companion installation to the forthcoming exhibition Mapping the Infinite: Cosmologies Across Cultures.

We Live in Painting: The Nature of Color in Mesoamerican Art
September 15, 2024–September 2, 2025

We Live in Painting explores the science, art, and cosmology of color in Mesoamerica, revealing the power of cosmic creation held by artists.

Mapping the Infinite: Cosmologies Across Cultures
October 20, 2024–March 2, 2025

Mapping the Infinite considers the history of multiple cosmologies around the globe from the Stone Age to the present, exploring the variety of human attempts at explaining the universe’s origins, mechanics, and meaning.

American Artist: The Monophobic Response
November 1–4, 2024

Inspired by Octavia E. Butler’s novel Parable of the Sower (1993), American Artist: The Monophobic Response is an installation documenting the re-creation of a pivotal static rocket engine test (1936) that initiated the United States’ venture into space travel.

Digital Witness: Revolutions in Design, Photography, and Film
November 24, 2024–July 13, 2025

Digital Witness examines the impact of digital manipulation tools from the 1980s to the present, tracing the emergence of distinctive digital aesthetic strategies, relationships to realism, and storytelling modes.

Nature on Notice: Contemporary Art and Ecology
Charles White Elementary School Gallery December 21, 2024–August 1, 2025

Featuring more than 20 artists from around the globe engaging in a visual dialogue about the Anthropocene—the current geological age in which human activity has been the dominant influence on the environment—Nature on Notice illuminates the need for both artistic and scientific imagination to counter threats to our ecology.

June 1, 2024
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