Fire Front - The Exhilarating & Devastating Documentary

Fire Front – The Exhilarating & Devastating Documentary

When unprecedented bushfires ravaged Australia, leaving thousands homeless and 34 people dead, the global debate on climate change captured the world’s attention.

“Eddie masterfully crafted this powerful, harrowing and intimate film, putting the audience directly at the center of the wildfires by solely relying on first-hand footage from the people who were there,” said Floris Bauer, President, Gunpowder & Sky. “It’s not lost on us that this film is being released at a time when Canada is on track to have its worst wildfire season in Canadian history, with the U.S. and Russia also recently breaking records. Hopefully this film helps to highlight the political and environmental issues we are facing today, and the urgency for taking action.”


“We hope to honour the individuals who were heavily impacted and fought so hard against these unparalleled events. But now with the great cities of North America blanketed with smoke from wildfires, it’s become alarmingly familiar,” said Director Eddie Martin.


Directed by Eddie Martin

Tubi Original