FULL TIME Short Film

January 11, 2024 – New York-based director, writer, and producer Jon Ryan has released his newest short film, Full TimeFull Time tells the story of the free-spirited Michael Tucker (Andrew Lutheran), a recent college graduate, as he accepts a job offer from a mysterious businessman (Iddo Goldberg). Entertaining, witty, and equally thought-provoking, Full Time invites viewers to look inwards at what keeps us in boxes, the rules people abide by and the cost you pay for a sense of security that is, sometimes, an illusion at best. Full Time is written, co-produced, and directed by Jon Ryan and co-produced by Ellen Burke.

Full Time is available to watch now exclusively via Omeleto at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PAK1VcjHD3A

Full Time has already garnered over 50k views in its first week of posting and was also shown at the Oscar-qualifying film festival HollyShorts in 2023.

“The monotony of adulthood can feel claustrophobic,” shares Jon Ryan on the new film. “You get sucked into it, you get stuck there, and once you’re able to resurface you can finally see that your life has passed you by without having realized that. I think this trap is invisible, so I wanted to shed some light on it in a film.”


Jon Ryan Sugimoto is a New York-based film writer, director, and producer in the comedy/drama narrative space. His viral short film Out of Love earned Best Screenplay Produced at the Beverly Hills Film Festival. His two newest short films, Full Time and Gut Punch, have earned entry to Directors Notes, No Budge, and Omeleto. Full Time also played at the Oscar-qualifying film festival Holly Shorts. Jon’s work has been featured on Film Threat and NY1, among other outlets. As half-Japanese, half-Mexican American, Jon strives to tell stories about the commonalities among cultures, like love, humor, existential crises, and fart jokes.

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