Gianluca Alibrando Spring – Summer 2024 Runway Show by Emerging Talents Milan

Gianluca Alibrando Spring – Summer 2024 Runway Show by Emerging Talents Milan

Emerging Talents Milan, the leading platform for the promotion and presentation of emerging designers, amazed the fashion world once more with its Spring-Summer 2024 fashion shows and presentations.

A. KAR by Adrine Karapetyan

A. KAR is a Los Angeles based fashion brand of luxurious and unique exquisitely handcrafted handbags and jewelry designed and created by Adrine Karapetyan. A. KAR by Adrine Karapetyan features two main types of handbags which double as sophisticated WEARABLE ART and are conversation starter pieces that can make anyone stand out in a crowd. The designer’s desire to always wear something different and never-before-seen pushed her to begin creating at a young age and eventually bloomed into her own couture fashion brand. 

Each one-of-a-kind A.KAR FELTED WOOL HANDBAG is an individual ART piece created from the magical process of patiently layering down gifts of nature,  pure raw wool and silks, to create a unique shape with unpredictable fabric textures that sometimes even surprise the designer herself. Much like how different types of music can be made from the same set of musical notes, there can be infinite possibilities for textures, shapes, and colors that come from mixing different fibers, such as wool and silk. 

Her signature A. KAR “GORG BAGS” are named after the Armenian word “gorg” meaning “carpet”, since the fabric of the trendy, best-selling bag is created with carpet making techniques. The pops of color and meticulously carved patterns reflect the designer’s fashion forward approach and eye for detail. 

The beauty of each piece lies in its exclusivity and the designer’s mission to be a TRENDSETTER with every piece she creates; the combinations of different techniques allow each bag to always be different and impossible to repeat.

The inspiration of my upcoming SS24 collections is experimenting with more bold color combinations and creating unique 3D visual effects for the handbags.

Priscilla França

Priscilla França is a high-end fashion brand born in the heart of Brazil. With a timeless aesthetic, the label is known for its iconic silk dresses, presented in a gamut of hues filled with fluidity and movement. 

Led by the homonymous designer born in Brasilia, the pieces unveil a connection with modernist architecture and nature. Each model is created after a profuse process of sketching, with a considered approach to the color palette. 

Priscilla França possesses a remarkable knack for sketches, breathing life into her designs through her outstanding artistic skills. Her creative process stands out as unconventional and truly unique, setting her apart in the world of fashion. 

Her precise designs reflect a harmonious blend of creativity and sustainability. The brand’s commitment to high-quality materials and ethical production practices underscores its dedication to reducing its environmental impact. 

Priscilla França has gained recognition among personalities and celebrities, solidifying its position as an emerging force in Brazilian fashion. The atelier is currently based in Sao Paulo, with a showroom offering a timeless permanent collection from the brand, some limited edition dresses, as well as made-to-order custom models to choose from.


Bayria Eyewear is a brand that was born in 2018, from the experience of Attilio Daniele, who has been operating in the eyewear field for years. The Bayria Eyewear concept is literally a tribute to the city of Bari, starting with the name itself – Bayria – which was attributed to the Apulian capital in ancient times. Bari is present everywhere in the collection: the city, nicknamed “the gateway to the East” is famous for the mixture of Art Nouveau and Oriental influences, which can be found everywhere, from the architecture of the buildings to the street furniture.

It is precisely this mix of extremely connotating influences, between stylistic avant-garde and tradition, which Bayria Eyewear brings back to eyewear. The series of glasses is a real tribute to the Apulian Art Noveau, in which Baroque and Oriental influences converge. Small characterizing details integrating perfectly in a contemporary language, with essential lines, where traditional techniques and advanced technologies converge. The new and the old come together in collections with a sophisticated taste. Bayria Eyewear was born thanks to the desire of creating an original, aesthetically beautiful product, coming from design studios but at the same time of the highest quality and functionality. The founder, Attilio Daniele, worked for 40 years in the eyewear field. This background allowed him to study eyewear closely, observing the strategies of multinationals companies operating in the eyewear field. Glasses are part of the life of each of us: they define our face and our look, they are vectors of our personality. For this reason, the brand has tried to develop a line that was immediately connotating but at the same time extremely easy to wear.

The fil rouge of the collections is art, tout court. The first collection was completely inspired by the soul of Bari, starting from the logo displaying the design of the stylized mosaics present in the Basilica of San Nicola, up to the symbols of the city present in the models. Art was also a source of inspiration for the special edition which won in 2020 the coveted Graziella Pagni award for the design category: – To Lucio Fontana. Each collection is inspired by places, works and characters that have changed the history of painting, sculpture, cinema, fashion, poetry and architecture.

Each of these elements constitutes for Bayria Eyewear a universe from which to draw when looking to the future, but following the dictates of elegance and quality.

In addition to style and innovation, Bayria Eyewear’s mission is sustainability: respect for the territory, the environment and, above all, human heritage. Bayria Eyewear is love for the environment: the cellulose acetate used is 80% virgin, produced using less solvents and lasting over time. The frames are produced in Italy in laboratories that guarantee ethical work and respect for the territory.


Antonio Martello begins his entrepreneurial journey in 1888, establishing the “Ditta Antonio Martello” in Cagliari, Sardinia. The first business caretaker is the daughter of Antonio, Matilde; after one hundred and thirty-five years, the shop is still a family-owned business with Ludovica, Corrado e Vittorio.

Inspired by the original idea of Francesca Gasbarrini of Gamassi, a new story for the oldest hat shop in Sardinia is still being written today – in collaboration with designers and creative minds called to re-imagine some of the old Martello collection pieces with a modern flairs; designers, like Giorgia Bistrusso and Velette Sospette, who create new synergies between past, present and future beautifully and sustainably.


Fashion Designer, lecturer at IED, fashion accessories expert. After her studies in Florence in the field of fashion, she moved to Cagliari where, in 2013, she founded the Bistrusso brand, involving the island of Sardinia in a collective project, made up of constant research about materials, for a true Made in Italy product. 

The love for embroidery, for vintage transposed in a modern key, for design and photography; all this can be found both in Bistrusso’s collections and in his lectures. Bistrusso have collaborated with Antica Cappelleria Martello since 2018.


VeletteSospette is a vintage-inspired hat couture brand, founded by Alessandra Aloe e Marco Caboni. Handcrafted in Italy, this unique theatrical design radiates class and elegance, bringing out the diva in all of us.VeletteSospette have collaborated with Antica Cappelleria Martello since 2018.


Emerging Talents Milan

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