Giselle NEW MUSIC VIDEO - "The Canary" - For all unrequited lovers

Giselle NEW MUSIC VIDEO – “The Canary” – For all unrequited lovers

NYC indie pop singer Giselle’s sultry new video for her song, “The Canary” releases on March 13th. With a late 60s James Bond-esque aesthetic, the video portrays the song’s tragic backstory about love’s destructive abilities and the turmoil it can bring upon one’s life.


“The Canary” is from the nine track mixtape, ‘not ready to grow upfeaturing all female directed videos. Giselle is most notable for her FX-featured comedic viral hit which collectively garnered nearly half a million views on YouTube and more recently is the 2nd place winner for the 2018 Live.Me NYC Streets Beats Competition.

“At the forefront of writing “The Canary,” was the turbulent relationship of Maria Callas and Aristotle Onassis. I had a healthy obsession of Callas that escalated after seeing the play “Masterclass” in London. Stacks of biographies, a box set of every EMI recording, interviews, and the autobiography from her first husband had given new perspective to one of my favorite artists.

Without getting into every detail, Onassis refereed to Callas as his “canary.” There’s a quote that was said to Onassis, “every murderer has a canary that he treats kindly,” that stuck with me. Callas sacrificed her career, her voice, and I believe her life for love, for him. Even though I tried approaching it from her particular perspective, being with someone who is unavailable is relatable to most of us.

Pat Christodulidis directed the video keeping all of this in mind. We spent days talking about Callas and different elements that were symbolic to her. What I love about the video is that she and Emily Bailey (editor and DP) made it look as though it was created decades ago with elements referencing a popular opening title sequence.”

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