HACKATHON for Silicon Beach Fest Kickoff
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HACKATHON for Silicon Beach Fest Kickoff

Hackathons above anything are a time to learn and play.

Because you have only 1 or 2 days to develop a concept – pitch – and workable app/site… everyone gets to really push themselves to the extent to learn what it really takes to do a startup.  It’s a chance to learn new languages and integrate new api’s, meet new people, and have fun at the same time.

The winner of 3 prizes at this event won 3 because they did the best execution of API’s 3 times over.  The judge said it would be dishonest to have winners that didn’t actually have the best API executions even if it meant giving 3 awards to 1 team!

Great work by everyone!

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For natural language API integration check out Ask-Ziggy.com  @AskZiggy

For seriously awesome geolocation software check out ESRI.com.

To win rewards for developing and gaming check out DVLup.com

To get a kick-ass job in LA with THE Coolest Developers in town check out Scopely.com

To view Hackathon pics visit our lovely pinterest board HERE 

(@ScenesterTV footage by @joannapantages and Music “Dreams” by @ECTwins)

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