Handsome Dick Manitoba "Born In The Bronx"

Handsome Dick Manitoba “Born In The Bronx”

Handsome Dick Manitoba was the leader of the NYC punk group “The Dictators” starting in 1975. The group went through a series of break ups and name changes but always with Manitoba as front man. This is his first solo release and is backed by a lineup of stellar musicians including P.F. Sloan, Michael Shrieve, Simon Kirke and others. Sloan backs him here on his opus “Eve of Destruction” playing harmonica, guitar and on background vocals.
He was also an on air DJ on Sirius / XM for 14 years, being recognized by The Village Voice as “Best Satellite Radio DJ” in 2005. Manitoba was also lead singer for MC5 starting in 2005, after the death of lead singer Rob Tyner and remained in that capacity until they disbanded after the death of bassist Michael Davis in 2012.
Manitoba now has a podcast called “You Don’t Know Dick”…and the best is yet to come!
Track Listing
Back To My TV
Eve of Destruction
The Cooker & the Hit
Big Army Brass
Layers Down
Callie May
Thicker Than Blood
Magenta Street
8th Avenue Serenade
Sour Punk King Of NYC
Born In the Bronx


Producer / Co-writer Jon Tiven says:

“We wanted to make a record that was contemporary punk ‘n’ roll with a love for the sound of our early heroes like Wynonie Harris, Bert Berns, and the Beach Boys. I brought in a few of my Nashville friends to play and sing on it—-Buddy Miller, Harry Stinson, Beth Hooker, Shannon Pollard, Chuck Mead, Donte M’Shawn—as well as some old friends to kick the skins Mickey Curry, Mat Reale, Simon Kirke and Mike Shrieve. Our beach song, “Surfside,” was injected with a direct dose of the California Sun by transcendental poet Stephen J. Kalinich, the only lyricist to work with Brian, Carl and Dennis Wilson (as well as Mike Love and Stephen Marks).
I suggested we cut a new version of my pal the late P.F. Sloan’s classic anthem “Eve Of Destruction,” and Handsome Dick was all-in. I even managed to fly in some harmony vocals, harmonica, and acoustic guitar from P.F. himself from some previous sessions I had done with him.
It took us a minute to find the right home for the record, but Arny Schorr stepped up with his Liberation Hall imprint and had all the enthusiasm we needed to see. So this is BORN IN THE BRONX. Germinated in NYC, manifested in Nashville, now available throughout the world… I hope y’all enjoy it!”
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Handsome Dick Manitoba – Born In The Bronx (CD)

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