Hong Kong Startup is  Web Summit’s First Asia Vendor
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Hong Kong Startup is Web Summit’s First Asia Vendor

Nov 2, 2015 (Hong Kong, China) — EventXtra, the team behind the smart registration platform, is partnered with the world’s most respected tech conference, Web Summit 2015 in Dublin, Ireland. EventXtra is a Hong Kong founded startup and is a Cyberport Incubatee Alumni.

“This year’s Web Summit will be our biggest yet with 30,000 attendees from all over the world. We care deeply about delivering a great experience to all who come to our events. Registration is a key area and we worked with EventXtra at RISE in Hong Kong earlier this year. We are really happy to be working with them again,” says Paddy Cosgrave, Co-founder and CEO, Web Summit.

EventXtra was started when Sum Wong was waiting in line eagerly for a conference. “Events bring together people and it is where innovation sparks. We want to help event organizers focus on what matters, the content of what people care about instead of the event day registration and logistics,” says Sum, EventXtra Co-founder and CEO.

After they were not able to find a valid solution, Sum and Angus Luk decided to start the company together. The two founders, from HKUST, signed up for all the support and resources they could get and EventXtra has now proudly served many multi-national companies including RISE, Alibaba, Yahoo!, The Economist, International New York Times, MTR, HK Trade Development Council, Google, Splunk and more.

About EventXtra

EventXtra is a smart registration platform that gets rid of messy registration, and helps event organizers understand their audience. EventXtra believes events is where knowledge is shared, communities are built and that events make the world a better place. EventXtra was founded by Sum Wong and Angus Luk in Hong Kong, China.

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