Compliment Your Mirror Day! Celebrate with the cast of I FEEL PRETTY
Amy Schumer stars as Renee in I FEEL PRETTY

I Feel Pretty Review

Meet Renee. “Renee hails from The Long Island and she is a receptionist – hollar!! Renee enjoys watching people covering up disappointment from having their dreams being shattered on shows such as Antiques Roadshow and Shark Tank.” I think this was one of Amy Schumer’s best movies yet. It didn’t have a lot of the over the top raunchiness that was expected. It was a feel good comedy. The bikini contest was beyond funny and the best part, even though the ending had a big message with big impact.

I Feel Pretty was a perfect blend of comedy infused with much bigger messages, rather it being comedy purely for the sake of comedy. I say messages in plural because there were more than one, although, the main one was loud and clear. Self-acceptance and complete confidence are everything, and can open doors you didn’t know existed.

The love story was unexpected and authentic. Her pride as a receptionist was real. It was like Bridesmaids, the kind of movie you can watch over and over. Or give to your friend and never see it again. Would guys find it as funny? I’m not sure. I do know that no matter what gender, we’ve all been there at some point, in some way. Renee’s “I just want to punch you right in your dumb face right now” and the model’s reaction drove home how it’s all relative, and nobody is immune.

But the bigger message was huge, and real. If you ever doubt yourself again, just watch bikini scene. And of course, the ending. But definitely the bikini scene. I was in tears, it was so funny. Confidence and self-acceptance truly are entirely in your head, and maybe, just maybe, it doesn’t take a head injury to figure it out.


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