Soji Arai, Jin Ha, Minha Kim, Soo Hugh & Michael Ellenberg of Pachinko receive the ‘Cultural Visionaries’ honor of the evening. Photo Credit: Ryan Miller/Capture Imaging


Awkwafina celebrates Pachinko with "Cultural Visionaries" Honor at Asia Society Southern California Gala 2022

This past weekend, the Asia Society Southern California held their 2022 Annual Gala honoring Eileen Gu (Global Ambassador), Chloe Kim (Sports Visionary), Stella Li (Asian Women Empowered Visionary), Takeshi Niinami (Business Visionary) and Pachinko (Cultural Visionaries) presented by Awkwafina. Additionally, ASSC’s emcee Kara Wang received a surprise ASSC MVP honor presented by A24’s Everything Everywhere All At Once lead Stephanie Hsu

Asia Society Southern California (ASSC) 

Established in Los Angeles in 1985, Asia Society Southern California (ASSC) is ideally situated at the gateway to the Asia-Pacific region. ASSC has played a pivotal role through creative programs and activities in increasing shared knowledge, enhancing dialogue and furthering cultural exchanges transcending regional boundaries.

As part of the global Asia Society, which was founded more than 60 years ago in New York City, ASSC has launched many creative initiatives and programs addressing current issues of importance across the fields of the arts, culture, policy, business and education.

All of us at Asia Society Southern California thank you for your continuing support of our long-standing mission of cultivating greater synergy and bridging cultures between people in the U.S. and the Asia-Pacific region. We welcome your feedback and your ongoing participation in our many events as you join us on this exciting journey to a better shared future.

Asia Society Southern California Gala 2022
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