Interview with Actress Nicole Hayden on New Film "The Park Bench"
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Interview with Actress Nicole Hayden on New Film “The Park Bench”

I recently spoke with actress Nicole Hayden on the new feature film ‘Park Bench’, a film holds focus on that very park bench, where soon-to-be librarian Emily(Hayden) tutors a struggling literature student.

(Nicole Hayden Interview)

A.G. – So what attracted you to the role of Emily in ‘Park Bench’?

N.H. – So I just ended up auditioning for it. I had four auditions for it I think. It was a really long process, and it was that first audition, where I did two scenes I think, I don’t know why…but I just felt like it was right from the second I read it, I just loved it. I think I read it like once or twice. With most things you can kind of let it go, but this I wouldn’t let go.

A.G. – Now that you’ve done two features, have you been able to tell a difference between acting in television, as you already have, and now transferring over to feature films?

N.H. – No, I can’t say I can. Although there is something very special about a film, because you’re kind of in this enclosed world, for a short period of time, and you kind of just live in that world, whether it be a week or a month, depending on the film. It’s kind of like your everyday life. But there’s something magical about it. It’s actually one of the first jobs that when it was all over, it was so sad, I was so bummed. I could have shot it for like a month.

A.G. – Since the film is mostly based in one location, how long was the shoot?

N.H. – We shot the movie in a week. It was like six days. It was so amazing, I couldn’t wait for the next day.

A.G. – Even though the scale of this film isn’t that big, that’s got to be a hell of an exercise for an actor.

N.H. – Oh, my god, yeah. it’s crazy.

A.G. – When you work on a film/project that’s not filmed in linear order, do you think you can still do just as great a job as if it was?

N.H. – It really just depends on the project. For this one, I did so much work before we shot, to make sure I knew exactly where my mind and my heart was every single time that we started, because I knew it was going to be like that. So I think if you prepare for properly, it’s painted the way that you prep. I think the character Emily is much smarter than me, so I had to read a lot of books that I haven’t read.

Thank you Nicole!

Here is a little background on Nicole (role of Emily):
Originally from Virginia, Nicole started working professionally in theaters in Washington D.C. while still in high school. Recently she guest starred on the acclaimed AMC drama ‘Mad Men’ in which she found herself on a first date during a fateful night in 1968. Other credits include guest starring on ‘Grey’s Anatomy,’ ‘90210’, ‘CSI: Crime Scene Investigation’, ‘How I Met Your Mother’ and starring roles in the TV mini-series ‘Claire’ and ‘Blue-Eyed Butcher’. Nicole has been featured in countless commercials.

The Park Bench is playing in LA at Arena Theaters starting August 21st!

Below you can find a trailer of The Park Bench and the imdb link to keep up in the future.

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The Park Bench IMDB

The Park Bench is playing in LA at Arena Theaters in Hollywood starting August 21st.

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