Introducing Vote With Love

Introducing Vote With Love

IMP is a proud engagement partner for the
Vote With Love campaign

Vote With Love is a nonpartisan effort to inspire a historic voter turnout and help voters prepare to cast their most thoughtful and informed vote yet. 

Incorporating empathy and love into your vote may be just the approach we need to see a country that addresses our deepest concerns. In the face of critical issues, the need to take the time to truly understand what you’re voting for is on the forefront.

But how can you factor love into your vote? 

Vote With Love has curated a helpful path to help you discover just that and get involved this election season.  Here are a few key ways to get started:

– Register to Vote
– Take the Pledge 
– Host a Listening Party

– Shop Vote With Love Gear

introducing vote with love 2
Introducing Vote With Love

Produced by a collective of artists, freelancers and social entrepreneurs on a mission to do more good, we hope Vote With Love inspires deeper thoughts and considerations as you navigate the 2020 elections and issues.

introducing vote with love
Introducing Vote With Love
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