IT FOLLOWS, film review by Arthur Glover
Maika Monroe tries to escape "It" in It Follows

IT FOLLOWS, film review by Arthur Glover

It Follows

**1/2 out of 4 stars

directed by David Robert Mitchell

starring Maika Monroe, Keir Gilchrist, Olivia Luccardi

Good horror films are as scarce as honest politicians nowadays. There’s just not enough of them. Which is why It Follows will do good enough for now, even when it falls short. But no way you won’t have a good-creepy time. Maika Monroe(The Guest) plays Jay, a damsel in major distress once she has a back-seat hook-up with Hugh(Jake Weary). It’s not what you’re thinking. “It” is a curse Hugh has now passed on to Jay, an unknown force that takes the shape of random people connected in Jay’s life. And we’re off, watching as “It” continues to follow and freak out Jay and her friends, again and again. Jay can only pass it if she has sex with another person. Will she do it?

The point here is in the way the creators deliver this sort-of intriguing idea. Bringing back the feel of 80’s horror films(Halloween)with a synth-score, director David Robert Mitchell brings style and scares in grand style, with the help of these fantastically-eerie wide-shots by cinematographer Mike Gioulakis. One shot, consisting of a circling panning motion in a hospital, will trip you out good.

Unfortunately, “It” can only keep chasing Jay for so long. Repetition and over-dependence on score gets the best of this horror show. But Mitchell excels by bringing actual ambition and something new to a tired genre. It’s definitely worth the watch. And in a weekend about to be dominated by Cinderella, what the fuck else is there?

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