The LA Art Show

The LA Art Show

LA Art Show 2013 (January 23 – 27)

The 18th annual LA Art Show was packed full of contemporary art at it’s best!  Galleries from all over the world came to show off some of their best artist’s works and hopefully find new collectors.

One of the coolest works of art was a performance piece by Hiroko Tsuchida The Japanese artist sat in a velvet covered Victorian chair while chained to an enormous mirror that sat on the ground at her feet. The performance piece shows that beauty (or is it self-consciousness?) is like a heavy weight, binding us to our own reflection. It’s brilliant, but also it’s stunning to look at.

The Art Show was full of beautiful and bizarre works, like Seth Casteel’s underwater dog photography displayed by the Timothy Yarger Gallery in Beverly Hills. The work is silly and playful, but they’re also exquisitely constructed images that require the artistic eye and timing of a true art photographer.

Big art fairs like Frieze and Art Basel have a strong European collector base, but now with the massive success of Frieze New York and Basel Miami, the focus on young collectors in North America (as well as Asia) has grown exponentially in the last few years. Los Angeles, with it’s odd ball combination of youth and wealth known as Hollywood, has become a gallery hotspot, so it only makes sense that art fairs would follow.

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