LA UN-CUBED Block Party Review
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LA UN-CUBED Block Party Review

Definition of a Cube: A cube has six faces; each face has four equal sides with four interior right angles. The Volume of a cube is also a perfect formula.  But wait, there’s more; the world of “UN-CUBED” takes the typical formula and goes (you guessed it) outside the box.

Attending a job fair is a necessary evil in the tech fields, so taking the model and “un-cubing” it had to happen sooner or later to make job hunting it both fun and informative.

cross campus crew

The LA BLOCK PARTY format includes unique talks by representative companies, chats, meetings, cocktail party, and workshops to make your job hunt is not only informative but fun too!  Our meetings with a unique set of talent and recruiters was made all the better by the easy surroundings and informative content presented to the job seekers.

Some of the Companies there: NFL Media, WeWork, Grindr, Red Bull Media House, Where2Getit, TeleSign, ZestFinance, & Cater2me, and more..

Grindr Labs
Grindr Labs

Some of the talks given:

* Amit Nayar, Dir. of Engineering at Media Temple “Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me”

*Leura Spielman, CEO of Laurel & Wolf: “How to Structure Successful Partnerships”

*Kelly McSweeny, Lead Partner Product Manager at Red Bull TV: “The Changing Landscape of Digital TV”

*Ryan Disraeli, Cofounder of Telesign: “The Mobile Identity Revolution”

la uncubed talk

Artists were on hand to lend a cultural spin by creating chalk paintings on the pavement during the event.

la uncubed artists 2015

Add in the top quality snacks, a VIP cocktail party and a bouncy castle and you have a user-friendly and fun experience.  As far as getting Un-Cubed again, I’m in!



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