Sophie Lowe eyes Beau Knapp in "What Lola Wants"


What Lola Wants

directed by Rupert Glasson

starring Sophie Lowe, Beau Knapp, Dale Dickey

*½ out of 4 stars
I don’t get the hype on this one. The story sounded promising enough. Wild seventeen year old Lola(Sophie Lowe) runs away from her privileged life in Los Angeles, ending up in the New Mexico desert, where she meets young pickpocket Marlo(Beau Knapp) in a 50’s style diner. She’s hot for him at first glance, and wants to learn his tricks. They become a Western Bonnie and Clyde, but only right before Marlo’s psycho-killer Momma(an over-the-top Dale Dickey) randomly shows up at times for reasons I won’t spoil.

What should be pulp entertainment  just turns into a short film drawn out over seventy-seven minutes, almost every minute of it predictable. And hints dropped that Lola’s famous-actor parents might be vampires feels cooked up, like most of the film, where director Rupert Glasson throws in every trick he can to build suspense, only to sputter and repeat the process, especially as Marlo battles with the decision of turning Lola in to her parents for the million dollar reward. The repetition will nag at you.

The chemistry between the two lovers does almost work, but right before being broken by actress Sophie Lowe’s constant need to scream Lola’s lines, or the unoriginal story that circles around them. Why did Lola run away? By the time the film’s twist comes, you won’t care. All of the vivid cinematography and fancy-pants dialogue can’t save something that is too influenced by other films. And I’m calling bullshit on the ending, which is totally robbed from Sideways. Don’t buy the wrap on What Lola Wants. It’s a True Romance without the brains.

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