Lesbian drama OF GIRLS AND HORSES available June 30th on VOD & DVD

Lesbian drama OF GIRLS AND HORSES available June 30th on VOD & DVD

“Subtle and startling.” – AfterEllen.com

Wolfe Video Presents


A Film By Monika Treut

Featuring a quartet of talented stars, this under-stated drama from prolific lesbian filmmaker Monika Treut deftly unfolds the coming-of-age of rebellious teen Alex (popular German TV star, Ceci Chuh). Sent away by her mother to a horse farm in the country, Alex keeps up her bad girl ways but is gradually enamored with the horses – and with the resident lesbian riding instructor, Nina (the stunning Vanida Karun) who is taking a break from her partner Christine (the equally beautiful Ellen Grell). As Nina maintains her boundaries and tries to help Alex find purpose and maturity at this crucial moment in her life, the arrival of privileged young equestrian Kathy (Alissa Wilms) presents new challenges and opportunities for Alex as she grapples with her longing for love and connection. A beautiful drama.

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Monika Treut is an iconic filmmaker and humanitarian who has been creating groundbreaking internationally known films, both narrative and documentary, for over forty years.  Famous for her pioneering portrayals of LBGT communities and subcultures, as well as documentaries covering a vast range of subject matter, Treut has made over 20 films in both English and German. She has explored a diversity of topics from queer themed fiction and documentary films, to feminism and human rights issues including one woman’s effort to help street kids in Rio De Janeiro, to groundbreaking portrayals of sexual communities (Seduction: The Cruel Woman, My Father is Coming) and some of the earliest transgender portrayals (Max, Gendernauts) and documents of lesbian identity (Virgin Machine, Ghosted) in modern cinema. She has worked with and documented such diverse artists and performers as Annie Sprinkle, Werner Schroeter, and Camille Paglia. Of Girls and Horses is her most recent narrative film, and opened theatrically in Germany in 2014 to great acclaim and success.



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Debuts digitally and on DVD June 30th 2015

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