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LIFESAVER and Tiniest iPhone Charger EVER! The Nomad

Lifesaver and The TINIEST iPhone Charger EVER!

“Do you have a charger?” is the new “Do you have a light?”.  I say this because I am always at events, and always hearing people asking for a charger, more than a lighter for once. Maybe because of ecigs? I’ve made a few short term friends over sharing a charge. Personally I’m always scouring an event as soon as I walk in to find an empty outlet, instead of to see who’s there!!  I am Always running out of batteries always going to events, trying to document everything, and keep up on social media. Half the time my battery would die before I could even get to instagramming pics!

Introducing “The Nomad”.

I got this complimentary, and after trying it I couldn’t put it down!v

It’s made for your keychain so you can have it on you at ALL times.  It’s really lightweight, literally lighter than a key.  It’s really small.  It’s has a micro USB that can charge from a lot of different charger ports including for the Galaxy, Lumia, HTC, Nexus and more..   SIMPLE!

One less excuse to not have a dead battery!

my nomad 2

It comes made for a keychain (“chargekey”) or to put in your wallet (the “chargecard”)




(these 2 pics are from their website




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