MAEZ301 Drops Debut Album, New "Fucked Up for You" Music Video
(credit: Samantha Levi Photography)

MAEZ301 Drops Debut Album, New “Fucked Up for You” Music Video

maez301 drops debut album new fucked up for you music video

MAEZ301 Drops “Fucked Up For You” Music Video & Self-Titled Debut Album, Available Now On All Platforms

(November 11, 2019 — Los Angeles, CA) Today, MAEZ301 drops a new music video, “Fucked Up For You” and releases his self-titled debut album, MAEZ301via Strange Music. With features from Sway Calloway, Tech N9ne, Infinite E, Nef The Pharaoh, Leilia, Black Jesus, and Selena Keller, the 20-track effort is a fitting introduction to the versatility of the rising artist. MAEZ301 takes you on a sonic ride filled with twists and turns that is second to none, with melodic lyricism and a sound that shows you a whole new side to Strange Music.

“It’s an outcast vibe,” MAEZ301 reveals. “I’m not quite following the mold of the sound of the industry. It’s abstract. It’s noisy. It’s passionate. It’s about a lot of passion and love. It’s about people getting to know me, to learn my story a little bit.”

The twists and turns of life are often unpredictable, but MAEZ301 was always confident that his sound would resonate with listeners. Even while he spent years making music while living in the basement of his parents’ house, he knew he was creating something special. He finally got his big break when a homemade recording happened to catch the ear of legendary producer EP (The Game, Scarface), and eventually make its way to renowned rapper Tech N9ne. Soon, MAEZ301 had inked a deal with Tech N9ne’s label, independent powerhouse Strange Music. For MAEZ301, his story is one of hope, resilience, and human connection–in his own words, “Life’s a maez, let us not journey alone…”

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maez301 drops debut album new fucked up for you music video
(credit: Samantha Levi Photography)

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