Mass Meditation Initiative: A Mindful Music, Yoga, Healing Arts, and Vegan Festival Taking Place Summer Solstice Weekend, June 21-23 at Castaic Lake Lagoon

Mass Meditation Initiative: Music/Yoga Fest Solstice Weekend 6/21-23 Castaic Lake

DisclosureFest™ and Fade to Black Announce Lineup for the Mass Meditation Initiative: A Mindful Music, Yoga, Healing Arts, and Vegan Festival Taking Place Summer Solstice Weekend, June 21-23 at Castaic Lake Lagoon

Los Angeles, CA – DisclosureFest and Fade to Black will host the Mass Meditation Initiative on Summer Solstice Weekend, Friday, June 21- Sunday, June 23, 2024. This event has been the 9thMass Meditation Initiative festival since 2017, following several events in SoCal, Washington DC, and Las Vegas. The event brings top electronic, spiritual, and jam music artists; conscious speakers and workshops on health, wellness, the environment, and humanitarian topics; yoga classes, sound baths, and an art walk featuring world-renowned visionary artists; vegan plant-based foods; and a children’s space offering a multitude of activities throughout the weekend.

The festival will kick off on Friday, June 21, at 10:00 AM, and yoga classes start as early as 7:00 AM on Saturday and Sunday. So, plan on arriving early to get grounded, stretch, and prepare for fully immersive days at the Castaic Lake Lagoon (32132 Castaic Lake Dr., Castaic, CA 91384), at the Interstate 5 exit at Hughes Lake Road, just 41 miles northeast of downtown Los Angeles.

The Mass Meditation is scheduled for 2:22 PM Pacific Daylight Time on Friday, June 21, and Saturday, June 22, and will be live-streamed at During the mass meditation, everyone on site, expected to be around 10,000 people, will meditate with an online global audience. This year’s meditation focuses collective energy on water and its importance in sustaining life, supporting global healing, and enabling change for humanity and the planet.

Mass meditation offers numerous benefits, both for individuals and society as a whole. When large groups gather to meditate simultaneously, they create a powerful collective energy that can positively impact the surrounding environment. Scientific studies have shown that mass meditation can lower crime rates, reduce stress levels, and even decrease incidents of conflict around the world. This phenomenon is attributed to synchronizing brainwave patterns among participants, leading to a state of coherence and harmony.

Additionally, mass meditation fosters a sense of community and interconnectedness, promoting empathy and understanding among individuals. Our organization, DisclosureFest Foundation, has been widely recognized by prestigious publications such as the Smithsonian and Newsweek for its impact on global change through its Mass Meditation Initiative. As more research delves into the science behind meditation and its collective effects, its potential for fostering peace and well-being on a global scale becomes increasingly evident. 

Attendees are invited to immerse themselves in live music at three music stages. Performers include Rising Appalachia, Deya Dova, Porangui, Mike Love, Shaman’s Dream, and Sonic Devas. Premier DJs include Marques Wyatt, DJ DanDoc Martin, and more. Further music details are here.

Eight workshop tents will host transformative sessions, with speakers including Bashar, Billy Carson, 19Keys, Jimmy Church, Julia Cannon, Brad Olsen, Zat Baraka, Laura Eisenhower, Michael Tellinger, and more, who are set to inspire with their profound insights and teachings. Conscious workshops include lessons in plant-based food preparation, ecstatic dance, ayurveda, essential oils, herbalism, sacred geometry, past life regressions, light alchemy, singing, meditation and visualization practices, Siddha healing, and quantum third eye activations. The complete list of speakers and workshop leaders is here.

This year, the DisclosureFest Foundation introduces its Integration Series Workshops. These two-day workshops, held on Saturday and Sunday, are designed to transform attendees, and facilitate the integration of newfound knowledge.

Dozens of yoga classes will be offered, offering different modalities, such as tantra, acro, kundalini, hatha, and Naam, for all levels of participation. Children will enjoy a weekend of workshops, including yoga, meditation, tribal body painting, singing with movement, sacred geometry drawing, vegan plant-based superfoods, and more. Festival attendees may also participate in opening and closing ceremonies, cacao ceremonies, drum circles, goddess circles, and an interactive tea house.

Some of Los Angeles’ finest plant-based restaurants will serve highly vibration, nutrition-dense vegan cuisines, desserts, juices, smoothies, and kombucha beverages. Health and wellness products and services will also add to this fantastic experiential weekend, which is the true essence of DisclosureFest™.

One-day passes start at $77.00, with additional options for complete weekend passes, camping, and parking. For more information on pricing and the festival program, please visit to get tickets, sign up for the live stream, and discover this year’s lineup of live performances, artists, speakers, yoga classes, workshops, sound healings, vegan foods, partners, and sponsors that will co-create another magical weekend of activation.

June 21, 2024
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