Matisyahu’s Acoustic Guitarist Adam Weinberg Releases New Album “Laugh, Cry, Grief, Hope” 

Singer/Guitarist Adam Weinberg Releases New Studio Album

Miami, FL — Friday, May 13, 2022 — Singer and fingerstyle guitarist Adam Weinberg — who’s most notably known on the live music circuit as Matisyahu‘s guitarist on his worldwide acoustic duo tours for over five years — releases today (May 13, 2022) his latest studio album, Laugh, Cry, Grief, Hope. The album includes a 32-page companion book and album cover artwork (pictured above) designed by the late Mel Marcelo, a legendary San Diego digital illustrator. Laugh, Cry, Grief, Hope features bassist Marc Friedman (The Slip) on multiple instruments (bass, electronics, keyboards, percussion) as well as the mixing engineer. DJ Le Spam (Spam Allstars) engineered the recording sessions.

Weinberg’s first lyrical record, Laugh, Cry, Grief, Hope, is as the album title suggests: an internal meditation of personal loss, healing, and genuine reflections of finding happiness. While he studied jazz, composition, and cognitive psychology at Washington University (St. Louis) and has performed alongside greats such as percussionist Cyro Baptista (Paul Simon, Trey Anastasio, John Zorn), Weinberg’s latest tracks run across the genres of Americana, Leo Kottke-inspired instrumentals, reggae, as well as diving into family music on two songs (Weinberg is the father of three kids). The introspective nature of Laugh, Cry, Grief, Hope is the result of what Weinberg calls, “a catastrophic 5-week period in my life in 2019.”

Weinberg adds, “Sometimes in life, you are faced with the unexpected. Unfortunately, in summer 2019 within a short period of time, my son experienced a seizure disorder, my mom went into the ICU, and my brother-in-law died after a long struggle with substance abuse and sobriety. I completely lost it. With my therapist’s recommendation, I started playing guitar again after a stint of not picking it up for a while. She suggested playing for just five minutes a day, and recording everything. It really helped pull me out of a really dark place. I engrossed myself in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and writing songs, and honestly, at the end of that really tough time, I had enough material for three albums and Laugh, Cry, Grief, Hope was born.”

Laugh, Cry, Grief, Hope is now available worldwide.

Laugh, Cry, Grief, Hope


Track Listing:
1) Quiet
2) The Open Sea
3) I Can Ride a Bike
4) Your Time
5) Common Place
6) 20 and One
7) The Preacher
8) Ways of Man
9) Love Song
10) Wonder
11) Intrusive Thoughts
12) Drifting Through
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