MIND CITY TERROR short film review

MIND CITY TERROR short film review

Mind City Terror

starring Eric Braa, Melissa Keith, Ryder Darcy

directed by Curtis Jaeger 

Premiering worldwide on October 10th, this short film by talented writer/director Curtis Jaeger manages to blend the elements of a monster movie with a psychological mystery. Jaeger’s film starts by showing Issac (Ryder Darcy) explaining his “city of the mind” to his therapist. Things get really weird when we go into Issac’s imagination, which is under attack by a Godzilla-like monster, the city a symbol of Issac’s mental-state, which is crumbling due to past trauma (the monster), for which I won’t spoil. What I will say is the set pieces, including a redemptive Issac fighting the monster in a giant, perhaps too similar Iron Man type suit, are cheeseball fun. Not everyone will buy into Jaeger’s message, but you can’t deny him and all of the actor’s heart. They strive and succeed by bringing something fruitful and positive to an older, at times jaded audience.

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