My Hero The Hitman Documentary (Trailer Released)

In 1994, Shane Stant famously took out Nancy Kerrigan with “the whack heard round the world.” After serving 18 months in prison, Shane moved back home and became his sister’s protecter from their abusive father. Maile was just two-years old at the time of the attack and has only known her brother’s compassion and care. 

Finally ready to confront her brotherʼs dark past, Maile struggles to reconcile the image of the hero she knows, with the infamous hitman he once was. They speak frankly for the first time about the attack and the childhood trauma that shaped both of their lives in very different ways. As Shane recounts the events of 1994, with never-before-shared details, this heart-to-heart conversation may forever change their relationship. 

Shane’s story begs the question: In different moments, to different people — can each of us be a villain, a victim and a hero?

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