NEON FUTURE II - by Steve Aoki

NEON FUTURE II – by Steve Aoki

THE DAY IS FINALLY HERE. THE DAY WE CAN ALL ENTER THE WORLD OF NEON FUTURE II. It has been over two years in the making to unleash both albums of Neon Future I and now II. Neon Future I was the introduction into my perspective of the future. A future filled with innovation & transformation through our breakthroughs in science and technology, accelerating us faster and faster in an exponential trajectory towards singularity.

In Neon Future I, I teamed up with Ray Kurzweil, who wrote many profound books about the future, one of which was called ‘Singularity is Near.’ We did a song together called Transcendence, which opened up the album, discussing creative expansion and ultimately life extension. I closed the album with Aubrey de Grey, who wrote the book ‘Ending Aging’ where he discussed his research in cell regeneration. I had him speak on a song we did together called ‘Beyond Boundaries’ diving into the similar idea of life with limitless possibilities. Neon Future is about hope. It’s more than just albums of music; it’s my life perspective. With Neon Future II, we dive into the expansive paradigm of space. I recruited two influential visionaries who help tell the sequel story of Neon Future. Kip Thorne, most might know of him as the executive producer of Interstellar, has made tremendous contributions into the world of astrophysics working alongside some of the brightest minds in science. We did a song together called TARS, a homage to one of the robots on his film. He illustrates a visual through our song of traveling into space and beyond. I also was honored to have J.J. Abrams be the closing voice of the album. There is no better person I can think of to narrate our song Warp Speed. Beyond being the director of the upcoming ‘Star Wars,’ he has been the voice and ambassador of science fiction of our generation. In our song he contributes an idea that the Neon Future is still just the beginning, which leaves it wide open if there will be a part 3. We will see. It’s been an incredible journey so far but it feels like we just started. I hope you can join me in this Neon Future odyssey by being part of this soundtrack.

I would like to thank all the artists that contributed their valuable art to painting the skies with this vision. For Neon Future II, I enlisted pioneers both young new blood and veterans in their fields. The soundtrack to the sequel is a cross section of emotional diversity from NERVO to Matthew Koma, to being able to work with bands from different genres such as Linkin Park (which is our second track working together), to Walk Off The Earth where you really hear a new sound emerging from what I’ve normally done before, to some new names in the game Moxie Raia to Harrison Official), to Sherry St. Germain music, the producers who collaborated with me on a few of the tracks TONY JUNIOR & Albin Myers), a familiar face from my first album ‘Wonderland,’ Rivers Cuomo from Weezer, and lastly working with Snoop Lion aka Snoop Dogg.

I hope this album makes you feel something powerful, something that will dive into the deepest part of your being and make that illuminate beyond control. This is Neon Future II.

We are the Neon Future!

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