NYFW - Canines In Haute Couture For New York Fashion Week 2021

NYFW – Canines In Haute Couture For New York Fashion Week 2021

New York Fashion Week 2021 SS22 – Designer Anthony Rubio – Women’s Wear & Canine Couture

From Anthony Rubio:

In My World The Humans Are The Accessories

The Feel Good Show:

The inspiration and theme

For the first time since February 2020 we were given the thumbs up to show with live audiences, once again. We are not completely out of the woods with each day bringing new surprises but the fact is that after the tragic period we all experienced those of us who survived have reason to celebrate our endurance and resilience and to those I wanted to bring the party.

Being a true New Yorker and having witnessed so many parades and celebrations as done only in New York, I created a line of clothes for both humans and canines that reflected the joy we have been missing.

I always recall the fun in watching the countdown and celebration of each new year. I love the gimmer and the colors of the floating confetti and so I chose vibrant colors and lots of shimmer in garments I know people would love to wear to any festive event.

My show opened with a black and white ensemble indicative of the period we just came out from. Our lives were turned upside down and having to survive we were all relegated to making things simple as in black and white.

As the models followed the colors became brighter and sharper with fabrics also becoming lighter and frilly representing our letting go of the heavy burdens and mournful periods we have endured.

For the canines, I took the approach of dressing them in formal wear mostly decorated with jewels and sequins. I always celebrate our canine companions. They do so much and get little recognition or celebration. They teach us so much if we let them. When facing adversity canines show bravery and most importantly they show resilience. They may lose a limb but they will come back walking. They bring us companionship and love when we need them most. So for me, they are champions. Did you know that more dogs were adopted during the pandemic than ever before?

I dress the dogs as a reflection of us. I, like many, feel that they are truly family members and that they too should have their time to shine. So for my show we celebrated both humans and canines as heroes.

For this show, I delved into menswear. I created cape-like coats in the most interesting holographic synthetic fabrics. It was inspired by garments depicted in Anime. The coats took on a cape-like presence making my males look like superheroes .

When the show opened, those in attendance cheered. It was totally uplifting. The magic of the fashions infused a sense of joy and celebration. The colorful backdrops we created digitally gave a jolt and pulled the audience into a world of brightness, joy and celebration. It all took us to a place we yearned for. It was “Theater”.

My hope was that those who watch are reminded that we are strong and resilient. I gave them a vision of the brightness at the end of the tunnel. I want to remind everyone of where we came from and that we can get there again.

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