NYFW Stylish Dogs take over New York Fashion Week in Anthony Rubio show

Anthony Rubio Fall/Winter 2023 New York Fashion Week

Anthony Rubio Women’s Wear & Canine Couture Runway: The only experience like it during any Fashion Week. Last night Anthony Rubio presented his Fall 2023 collection… check out the collection in video and pics below…

From Anthony Rubio

It was with great pleasure that I presented this very formal collection for New York Fashion Week . My mission is to bring back the celebration of life by infusing glitz and glam.

Since society is still rebounding from a catastrophic pandemic which forced everyone into seclusion, I reminisced about the days of social gatherings and fine dining. I missed getting dressed for all sorts of occasions or for the sake of stepping out, be it to the theater, the opera or a fine dinner. It seemed that gone were the days of socializing and dancing.

People traded in the desire of dressing to impress for staying at home wearing casual, shapeless and very unimpressive attire. I refuse to let that replace the wonderful whimsical and expressive attire that brought joy and light to our lives. I want to remind everyone that it is okay to bring out their fashions and to shine and develop their own aesthetic.

For this show I brought back the glitz and glam as inspired by old Hollywood but with a few modern twists and the same applies to our four legged friend both canine and feline. I chose lovely metallics, sequins, and bead work on comfortable stretchy fabrics, some with sheer netting to hug the curves.

On the cannes and feline I chose to purposely step away from the usual matchy match thing. I wanted the four legged models to stand out as individual and yet fun and cheery. I went formal with them as well. I was not holding back on color and/or glamour. Nowadays people are bringing their pets to social gatherings and to travel as well. They are part of the family after all, so why not look the part. On the other hand, they too, have their own events and pretty much like their owners, they do dress to impress.

I want to trade those gloomy sweats and casual clothes for clothes that make a statement. So let's get dressed and celebrate life. After all, you only live once.


Every season, Anthony Rubio partners up with animal shelters and animal organizations to include dogs that are up for adoption in his show. Canine Models included dogs from shelters, rescue groups, clients and social media influencers.

"In My World, The Humans Are The Accessories"

Born and raised in New York City, of Puerto Rican ancestry, Anthony Rubio grew up immersed in his Latin culture loving everything from music and cuisine to the elaborate fashions which inspired his colorful palate and evolution as one of the hottest sought after designers to date. Growing up in the most rebellious and yet most expressive periods in the history of fashion helped both influence and mold him into the visionary he is today.

With a formal education in women’s wear design and twenty years of experience creating and innovating new concepts and techniques, Anthony Rubio had no reservations about delving into the world of pet fashions earning for himself the title of Master Pet Couturier.

Anthony Rubio’s Canine Couture is meticulously handcrafted by the designer utilizing the finest materials to produce a one-of-a-kind creation for your four-legged family member taking into full consideration comfort and safety above all.

Starting On:
February 12, 2023
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