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OUT OF MY HAND – Grand Jury Prize Winner of LA Film Fest 2015

Written and directed by Takeshi Fukunaga

Working as tree tapper on a rubber plantation in Liberia, West Africa, Cisco struggles to make a decent life for himself and his family. Despite his and his fellow workers’ attempt at unionizing, the rubber corporation maintains a stranglehold over their lives, keeping their dreams of a brighter future at bay. But when a well-timed visit from an American cousin opens Cisco’s eyes to a better future abroad, he seizes the one chance he has to change his life, and risks everything for a journey to New York City. Here, he finds himself in Staten Island’s small, close-knit Liberian community, where fellow ex-pats help him line up work as a taxi driver. From behind the wheel of his Yellow Cab, a brave new world, full of new people and experiences, is revealed to Cisco. But just as he begins to adjust to his new life, he meets Jacob, a former Liberian child soldier, who unexpectedly forces Cisco to confront the demons of his own complicated past.

Beautifully shot on location in Liberia and New York City, OUT OF MY HAND showcases Liberian actors in raw, powerful and haunting performances. With a restrained and confident directorial hand, Takeshi Fukunaga evokes both the daily struggles within Liberia, and the complexities of its diaspora in New York City, giving voice to a community that is woefully underrepresented in film today.

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OUT OF MY HAND stars Bishop Blay, Zenobia Taylor, Duke Murphy Dennis, Rodney Rogers Beckley, David Roberts and Shelley Molad. Written and directed by Takeshi Fukunaga. Written and produced by Donari Braxton with co-producer Mike Fox. Executive produced by Josh Wick and Matt Parker. Cinematography by Ryo Murakami and Owen Donovan with editing by Takeshi Fukunaga and Eugene Yi.

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