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Pheed party

Pheed party

Pheed is a new app that came out a few months ago.  I didn’t learn about it first from a beta invite by the tech community, or a write up on Tech Crunch or Pandodaily… or even mention on the private Silicon Beach LA group.

No – I first learned about Pheed from influentials, musicians, celebrites and the like using it.  I would see their posts on Twitter and wonder what’s Pheed? So I signed up in Dec or Jan..

Pheed is kind of like Facebook meets Instagram.  It’s better than either because it incorporates and utilizes the best of both worlds.

Bonus – you can actually add your copyright watermark to photos and things on the spot.

And slowly now…  Pheed is “coming out” to the public. .. starting with this super fun mansion party where many known faces and music industry people from Def Jam Records and more were ‘representin’.

Some people rock one snake.  Not this guy… he rocked 3.

Because that’s how he rolls..


DJ VTrixx was one of the DJ’s spinning that night.

I have to pause to explain a few realities of (beverly hills/hollywood hills) mansion parties…

1.  They are usually not easy to find at night… and there are road hazards like fog or coyotes / possums etc. on the road on the way that you have to be ready for – so Never have a driver take you that isn’t 100% sober.

2.  The phone reception is never guaranteed – so make plans and text friends the address beforehand.

3.  Hope that the party planners hired a sedan service to take you from the car to the house because if you are in heels – you are in for one hell of a walk!

4.  Don’t be a douche or act like it’s a frat party style club night. It’s not and the house party circuit is small.

5.  Sometimes things don’t go as planned and just be respectful to the home owners.

On this night the porch started to fall off the hillside … no joke.  A chunk of it started going down! Why?  Because the porch just never had so many people on it at once and well… wasn’t equipped to handle it.  *hit happens.  So the party stopped early. Well early as in around 2am.

The coyote and the porch falling and this guy’s snake getting antsy (ready to leave?) and roaring it’s head was Not the weirdest thing.

It was still a great time.

The weirdest thing was that after the porch thing, this one guy ACTUALLY was ABLE to quiet an entire room of partygoers inside and actually listen to him.

That was a nearly impossible feat that I’ve never seen happen before.  He got the room pindrop quiet!!!

The weird thing is – he was able to do that – and as we’re waiting for him to say something important/interesting… ANYTHING AT ALL….   he runs to the other room!!!!

That was weird.

Then people cleared out and left…

It was a GREAT TIME all in all.

and PHEED is an amazing app.

If you’re not using it yet…. I highly suggest you get on it.

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