Producer, Alex Moye to Release New Song “I Wanna Dance” on October 9, 2020

(New York, NY – September 9th, 2020) – Producer and Jacksonville, Fl native Alex Moye will release energetic single, I Wanna Dance on Friday, October 9th, 2020.

The song immerses a room in the smooth EDM vibes that call up those hypnotic encounters from a sexy night at the club. “I wanted to make a song that’s specifically tailored to the dance floor. The simplicity of the song, and the feeling of the low-end when it comes in, it seems to give most people the same reaction when they hear it for the first time.”

Moye discusses his process and shares how, in this case, the lyrics followed the music. “I was going through some samples, looking for inspiration for a new song, and I came across this guitar loop. Immediately when I heard the loop, the first thought that came to mind were the lyrics “I wanna dance” — along with the melody for the entire song.”

Moye then brought the song organically together with skill and some incisive intuition. “I just kept layering with a few other instruments until I felt the song had enough elements in it. I had the song mixed and mastered, and here we are! I’m really happy with the way it turned out.”

Alex Moye is a dance, house and EDM producer known for works like the house-pop crossover track ‘Love Me Better’ and the empowering EDM anthem ‘A Better Place.’ Moye typically specializes in uptempo, high-energy dance beats with a pop slant that gets the blood pumping and endorphins flowing. His last single, ‘All the Good Things’, came as a nostalgic, feel-good club banger pulsing with summertime romance.

The relaxed feel of ‘I Wanna Dance’ flexes new creative muscles. Influenced by iconic DJs like Avicii and Tiesto, Moye first began producing music in high school. From 2018, he intensified his commitment, and now views music as his chief creative outlet. “Making music is my escape from reality. I’m able to express things I want to say to people in the form of a song. It\’s actually been very therapeutic for me.”

As a producer, Moye strives to achieve visceral responses. “Whenever I hear a song that evokes an emotion, whether good or bad, that’s powerful to me. I’ve always wanted to do the same for other people. I’ve wanted to write music that will make people happy, or sad, make the hairs stand on their arms, or just want to dance.”

‘I Wanna Dance’ comes as another creative piece that satisfies this goal — and one that gets people moving. Moye smiles, “It’s definitely a great track for the dance floor, which is exactly what I was going for from the beginning.”

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Producer, Alex Moye to Release New Song "I Wanna Dance" on October 9, 2020
Starting On: October 9, 2020
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