Without a Doubt: How to Go from Underrated to Unbeatable


An inspiring take on how to turn other’s—and your own—doubt into rocket fuel to achieve your dreams from entrepreneur, CEO, and healthcare investor Surbhi Sarna.

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The very qualities that make you an outlier are, in fact, your strengths. Or so Surbhi Sarna discovered after a teenage cancer scare inspired her to reimagine healthcare, founding a medical start-up to detect early ovarian cancer. In Without a Doubt, she shares her entrepreneurship story of proving the doubters wrong. As a young, brown woman without a medical degree, Ivy-league contacts, or any Silicon Valley street cred—and who had felt different throughout her life—she was often overlooked and underrated.

Undeterred, Sarna used the naysayers as ammunition to help her surpass the expectations of others—and achieve her dreams. Without a Doubt is her story of becoming a leader without an MBA, networking without a network, and raising funds when she didn’t know a single venture capitalist, teaching you how to do the same. Sarna led an all-star team to develop a life-saving medical device, sold her business for $275 million, and became a partner at Y Combinator, one of the most successful venture firms in the world. Using her own experience, she shows you how to face setbacks, not let impossible standards (including your own) get in the way, lead empathetically, empower others to think differently, and how to convince the right people to help you accomplish your goals.

Without a Doubt reveals that your power lies in recognizing the qualities that make you different and leveraging them to pursue your dreams.