Q & A Interview with Squidbillies tv show writers Dave Willis and Jim Fortier!

Q & A Interview with Squidbillies tv show writers Dave Willis and Jim Fortier!

Question and Answer with Squidbillies writers and producers Jim Fortier and Dave Willis:

Q: What inspired Squidbillies?

A:  Squidbillies was initially a word that their boss Mike Lazzo came to the table with because he was amused by the word Squidbillies, and so were we. Redneck Squids in the North Jersey Mountains – make a show about that.  And after a year of many different pilots and trying to work it out, the project landed with us, and then came the premiere.  And we’ve been working on it ever since.

Q: Is the show motivated by or based on your real life at all?

A: Yeah, absolutely. I mean we live in Atlanta, we make the show in Atlanta, we’re from Conniers Georgia. I mean things happen all the time.  They just passed a law to allow you to have a gun anywhere you want in Georgia. And we’re like, let’s write a show about it.  One of the previous episodes, episode 3 this season, is about defrauding an insurance company. I remember I worked in a fishery, not in Georgia – in Alaska, when I was like 22 where this guy was talking about how much money he could make from cutting his pinky off. He said if he got in an accident he could get like $20,000. So yeah, I think that we write based of things that happen in our daily lives, and we sort of filter it through this crazy experience and put it in the show.

Q: You’ve done around 85 shows now, how many more seasons do you foresee and how many more seasons would you like?

A: It’s hard to say but and I think that we’re not out of ideas, we’re still writing great shows.  I think these 10 shows this year are as good as or better than anything we’ve done in the past. I feel like it’s strong, we have an audience, I feel like we have steam, of course though it’s up to the Network. They get the numbers and see if it’s something they want to keep paying for.

As long as we want to see? It’s the kind of thing that you want to do as long as it’s interesting and you feel like you’re doing good work.

If it hurts to come to work and think of what a talking squid would say, I think that would probably be the time when it would be fair to the audience to stop doing it. And I don’t think we’re there yet.

Q: Who is your target audience and did you expect that when you started?

A: I think when you start doing something like this, you should make something that you think is fun and funny. Something that you’re interested in doing. And you just hope that there’s an audience that agrees with you. I don’t think you can ever assume people are going to like it, but it’s just going to some kind of sterile, calculated thing if you say let’s see what people want and try to give it to them. I think it’s better when you discover something that is making something they like, and you agree – I feel like that’s where it comes from.

Q: Can we expect any new characters or cameo guests?

A: I have a feeling we will always be consistently surprising, otherwise it’s not working. I think the first episodes is probably one of the best episodes we’ve ever made. It deals with issues on the gay marriage debate, Early marries a pro ? to protest gay marriage. And then he realizes he falls out of the news cycle after a couple of days. So he keeps upping his game, and marrying more different objects. And he keeps protesting gay marriage. It’s just such a solid episode.

One of the good things about the show is that we have characters we like, and that the audience likes, and we don’t feel we have to have a guest star of the week necessarily.

Q: Where else can we see the show besides Cartoon Network – Adult Swim?

A:  I think it’s on iTunes. Think all of the seasons are on iTunes.  The first 2 seasons are on Netflix.  Those are all deals we have nothing to do with….   it’s owned by the network and they decide where it goes.  I’ve seen different opinions on where people want it, on Netflix and you explain it’s on iTunes and they’re happy or they’re not happy about that. We used to put out DVD’s but for the past few seasons I guess DVD’s aren’t selling anymore. On Adult Swim they rerun the heck out of it on weeknights.


Squidbillies premieres September 21st at 12:15 a.m. ET / PT on Adult Swim.

Watch as the Cuylers kick the ass of America’s toughest issues, including marriage inequality, taint cancer, speciesism, and the impending Russian snake apocalypse. 
It’s good clean family fun for childless families!

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