Influencer Marketing: ReadyPulse Announces Record-Breaking Momentum with 2015 Results
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Influencer Marketing: ReadyPulse Announces Record-Breaking Momentum with 2015 Results

SAN CARLOS, Calif.—January 13, 2015— ReadyPulse, Inc., a leader in influencer marketing technology, today announced that it achieved record growth in 2015 driven by rapid adoption by top consumer brands. In 2015, ReadyPulse achieved a 110% increase in revenue and 100% increase in customer growth. ReadyPulse welcomed both new and expanded customer growth across hundreds of brands such as The North Face, Hewlett Packard, Reebok, K-Swiss, Supra, Palladium, Adidas Outdoor, Skullcandy, Reef, and Mother Denim.

“Its’ been another exciting year for ReadyPulse. The company’s success is indicative of the growing demand for influencer marketing and our platform’s unique ability to help brands reach new audiences by leveraging authentic people on social networks,” said ReadyPulse CEO and Co-Founder, Dennis O’Malley. “Modern marketers know that people trust people, not ads. In 2015, ReadyPulse made huge strides to change the face of digital marketing—providing the world’s top brands with the ability to find and activate the best influencers to amplify their brand and products.”

2015 Highlights:
• Closed 2015 with 110% year over year revenue growth
• Achieved 108% Q4 bookings growth over the same quarter last year
• Accomplished 140% increase in influencer marketing campaigns compared to 2014
• Measured 1290% increase in consumer engagement to influencer marketing campaigns created by ReadyPulse customers in 2015
• Increased year-over-year influencer platform retention with customers to 95% in 2015, notably the best in the industry
• Appointed new award-winning leadership across marketing, customer success, product, sales and services, with a 68% increase in overall employee count
• Released the ReadyPulse Influencer Network, enabling brands to immediately grow by deploying campaigns to qualified opt-in social influencers
• Expanded platform and global infrastructure to support customer growth and rapid scale

To support the rapid convergence of consumer and influencer behaviors on social networks, marketing-savy B2C companies are turning to influencer marketing platforms to accelerate sales and brand reach. In 2015, consumers, notably millenials, have also become weary of traditional advertising —resulting in an increased usage of ad blocking technology. As a result, marketers are activating social influencers to share and amplify their authentic experiences with products. The evolution of the consumer experience has validated the growing need for influencer marketing tools capable of supporting today’s digital marketing needs.

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While celebrity product endorsements connect with millennials on an aspirational level, user generated content from their peers is an authentic way for brands to better engage and inspire with this generation. In fact, a notable ReadyPulse customer received 4.1 million impressions from paid celebrity and athlete content in November, 2015. In that same time period, the brand had 423 million impressions from user-generated content from authentic people amplified by the ReadyPulse Platform.

“We deployed ReadyPulse to drive sales and social buzz at O’Neill,” said Daniel Neukomm, CEO La Jolla Group. “ReadyPulse finds, curates and amplifies the best social influencers and their authentic content related to our products, giving our brands and websites social proof that inspires consumers to confidently buy cool products for their desired lifestyle.”

In 2016, ReadyPulse looks forward to further growth and innovation to help the world’s top brands harness the power of influencer marketing.

About ReadyPulse:
ReadyPulse is the leader in influencer marketing technology, changing the way B2C companies win with digital marketing. Founded in 2010, ReadyPulse’s cloud-based SaaS platform finds valuable social influencers and amplifies campaigns and user generated content to inspire consumer purchasing decisions and brand awareness. The company’s award-winning, patented technology delivers social influencers, campaigns, ambassador programs, in-depth analytics and social content displays for hundreds of the world’s leading brands. For more information, please visit

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