SANTA BARBARA, CALIFORNIA - FEBRUARY 12: (L-R) Honorees Justine Triet and Martin Scorsese pose with their Outstanding Directors of the Year Awards during the 39th Annual Santa Barbara International Film Festival at The Arlington Theatre on February 12, 2024 in Santa Barbara, California. (Photo by Rebecca Sapp/Getty Images for SBIFF)

Red Carpet Coverage from the Outstanding Directors of the Year Award at the 39th Annual Santa Barbara International Film Festival

39th Annual Santa Barbara International Film Festival - Outstanding Directors of the Year Award - Honoree Martin Scorsese, Justine Triet


Honoree Martin Scorsese and Justine Triet, Moderated by Scott Feinberg

Red Carpet Coverage from the Outstanding Directors of the Year Award

About The Event:

Martin Scorsese (KILLERS OF THE FLOWER MOON) and Justine Triet (ANATOMY OF A FALL) will receive the 2024 SBIFF Directors of the Year Award sponsored by The Hollywood Reporter at an in-person conversation about their respective films. Following one on one conversations, both honorees will join in a group discussion. The event will take place on Monday, February 12th starting at 8:00pm at the historic Arlington Theatre, and will be moderated by The Hollywood Reporter’s Scott Feinberg, Executive Awards Editor.

“Two of the most exciting directors working – a veteran master and a talented maverick – will sit and chat with brilliant moderator Feinberg. It’s bound to be an exceptional evening not to be missed,” said Executive Director Roger Durling.

The 39th Santa Barbara International Film Festival will take place LIVE February 7 – February 17, 2024. Official events including screenings, filmmaker Q&As, industry panels, and celebrity tributes, will be held throughout the city, including at the historic Arlington Theatre. Passes for the 2024 Festival are on sale now at

A-list and industry guests will once again ascend to Santa Barbara, making it a must-stop location on the awards circuit, and delivering a record number of films with many World and U.S. premieres. The 39th festival will open with the World Premiere of Disney’s MADU and it will close with the World Premiere of CHOSEN FAMILY directed by Heather Graham starring Julia Stiles, Heather Graham, Andrea Savage, Thomas Lennon. The festival will debut 45 World Premieres and 77 U.S. Premieres from 48 countries. Film lineup and full festival schedule can be found on

Quotes from the Awards Presentation:

  • Speaking about Sandra Hüller, Justine Triet said, “For me she was not playing she was living. She was so special. So shy in real life buy on fire on set”.
  • Speaking about writing for Sandra Hüller, Justine Triet shared, “How can we dive into this complex woman? She gave me the inspiration, of course. She’s a mystery in a way.
  • When asked about what really happened in Anatomy of a Fall, Justine Triet shared, “I have only told one person. Not Sandra Hüller. I will speak in 10 years.”
  • Speaking about Snoop, the dog, from Anatomy of a Fall, “The trainer said he’s wonderful and has a lot of energy, but cannot walk slowly. He was so fast it was impossible to film him from behind.”
  • Speaking on reactions she has gotten after her Oscar nomination, Justine Triet shared, “People are speaking a lot about their life to me. It’s the intimacy of people, and we did not expect this when we were writing this.”
  • When asked how she would have reacted previously on being awarded alongside Martin Scorsese, Justine Triet said, “I would have been very stressed. I would’ve laughed. I would never have believed it.”
  • When awarding Justine Triet, Roger Durling said, “I knew she was talented but nothing prepares me to the cerebral murder trial in Anatomy of a Fall.”
  • Roger Durling said, “She [Justine Triet] totally entertainms us but puts a mirror up to use to see how society treats us.”
  • When speaking about the story behind Killers of the Flower Moon, Martin Scorsese shared, “During that period of Irishman, I visited Osage nation and Oklahoma twice, realizing there was much more to the story to simply a police procedural. When I read the stuff and met the people, I knew it’s not about who did or didn’t do it. It’s who did it?”
  • Martin Scorsese said, “When I heard the Osage speak and hang around at dinner, somehow this tragedy had a face. And it [the script] changed.”
  • When speaking about power structures he would observe around him as a child, Martin Scorsese said, “The world I saw was influenced by the power I could never see.”
  • Martin Scorsese said, “I learn from him [Robert Deniro] and began to trust him. He had a really good instinct about human nature and psychology.”
  • Speaking about the last scene in Killers of the Flower Moon, Martin Scorsese said, “The last scene in the movie, that scene took four or five months to write because we eliminated everything else and wrote different versions on the weekend.”
  • Roger Durling said to Martin Scorsese, “Please keep making films for the fulfillment for all of us.”


Martin Scorsese (Killers of the Flower Moon) and Justine Triet (Anatomy of a Fall), moderator Scott Feinberg (The Hollywood Reporter)


About the Santa Barbara International Film Festival

The Santa Barbara International Film Festival (SBIFF) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit arts and educational organization dedicated to discovering and showcasing the best in independent and international cinema. Over the past 38 years, SBIFF has become one of the leading film festivals in the United States – attracting 100,000 attendees and offering 11 days of 200+ films, tributes, and symposiums, fulfilling their mission to engage, enrich, and inspire the Santa Barbara community through film.

Sponsors of the 39th SBIFF include: Manitou Fund, Black Market Spirits, DAOU Vineyards, Deadline, The Hollywood Reporter, Variety, Panavision, Santa Barbara City, US Bank, Montecito Bank & Trust, Yardi, Kaleidoscope Productions, ADL Santa Barbara/Tri-Counties, American Society of Cinematographers, John C. Mithun Foundation, Audrey Hillman Fisher Foundation, Northern Trust, Netflix, Visit The Santa Ynez Valley, Bentson Foundation, Volentine Family Foundation, Toad&Co, Topa Topa Brewing Company, Boxed Water Is Better, Saige Private Wealth, El Encanto and many more generous supporters.

SBIFF continues its commitment to education and the community throughout many free educational programs and events. In 2016, SBIFF entered a new era with the acquisition of the historic and beloved Riviera Theatre. After a capital campaign and renovation, the theatre is now SBIFF’s new state-of-the-art, year-round home, showing new international and independent films every day. In 2019, SBIFF opened its own Education Center in downtown Santa Barbara on State Street to serve as a home for its many educational programs and a place for creativity and learning.

February 12, 2024
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