Review of TRAFFIK

Review of TRAFFIK

I watched Traffik on a Friday night, excited about a thriller, a biker gang, and a romantic weekend gone wrong. I went down a bunny hold of suspense that I still haven’t escaped. It was Intense. Usually thrillers are like a 4 hour energy drink, an energy high, and then a couple hours later you forget about it. This one? It’s still with me. It wasn’t lasers, huge explosions, superheroes, and ultimately things that you know aren’t a real threat. No.. these were real life situations and threats. I’ve not only ran into people like that in gas stations, but will again; and probably soon. Despite the name, I expected it to be about the biker gang and a beautiful weekend gone wrong. And it was, yet it wasn’t, at ALL.

It was a genuine endearing love story between John (Omar Epps) and Brea (Paula Patton), emitting the feeling of a reminiscent combination of our own happiest memories of past relationships.

And that’s why it’s especially disturbing. Because it’s almost too real. Which brings me to the most Real and most Disturbing part of all. Not the suspense. Not the terror. Not the biker gang. Not even the deaths. It was the small town’s multi-million dollar underground business that was disrupted, uncovered, and affected: human trafficking.

Women were thrown into trafficking to be sold like cattle; if cattle were beaten and bloody and drugged. They may even treat commercial cattle better than trafficked humans as ‘product’… the commercial cattle who live in their own manure and have to be given steroid hormones and antibiotics regularly just to be able to live before their death.

I know, it’s just a movie!! But, at the end it shows the truths. I can’t remember the numbers exactly, but they were disturbing. Bottom line: it’s a multi-billion dollar global industry, and far bigger than you would ever image. Traffik was a perfect combination of classic thriller and suspense story, exposing the realities of an all too real world that we live in daily.

We may choose to ignore certain things, but as this movie reminds us, all it takes is one little incident to unleash an underground world, which is very real, and impossible to ignore. It does have a happy ending, it’s not all suspense and terror! I just wish that real life would have a happy ending like that too.



Opened Friday, April 20, 2018
Directed by Deon Taylor
Starring Paula Patton, Omar Epps, Laz Alonso, William Fichtner and Roselyn Sanchez with Missi Pyle









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